Lets Talk Products

So you’ve met Pat, Martin and Matt, but I have failed to introduce myself, the creator of Purplejumpsuit apparel. My name is Annie Danko and im the one that makes all the PJS stuff. That being said, you probably don’t know what any of thatΒ  stuff looks like! So here are some of the latest PJS products.

This hoodie was just finished, it is the second PJS Tie Dye hoodie done.

Front of the tie dye hoodie.

Back of the hoodie above

A little while agoΒ  a request for a zebra hoodie was put in, this is the happy customers after she got a hold of it.

she was stoked

So there is a little look at the PJS hoodies. They are a new product but people seem stoked on them! I’m also stoked to make them, a fun change from tuques. However tuques are still great to make, and iv had fun figuring out new designs all the time. Here is a look at some different styles.

most recent design

the ever popular Rasta stripes

some very thin stripes

some sag going on, with thicker stripes then above

PJS has plenty more tuque styles, and has made a few more hoodie styles, however its late and sleep is calling, so that is a look at some of the products.




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