Spring breaks kinda hectic..

So its been a little while since an update has been posted, that is in large part due to spring break. so here is what everyone’s been up to.


Well this guys got some luck, he had his pass taken away for two weeks on the first day of spring break, we are looking forward to having him back on the slopes this weekend. Hopefully he wont get into any more trouble, and wont have to climb on top of any more ticket kiosk’s to grab his skis before the season is over.


I didn’t see much of pat over spring break, he took of gallivanting on the slopes of Whistler with some lovely lady who was visiting him.Ā  So really the home crew was scattered and we don’t have much news on that end at all.

Pat and his gal, on the way to Whistler


Matt is no longer in Cali, he is back home in the state of Washington doing his thing there. His injured shoulder turned out to be worse than expected and he’s off the slopes for a little bit, but he’s got some other awesome stuff to fill his time. like this! check it out. http://www.myspace.com/philosofistmusic


How is it the one that is the farthest away, and I hear from the least, has the most skiing news? Well I’m stoked because this kid seems to be having a blast right now. A little while back the Alaska state finals took place, Zach cleaned up taking first in both slope style and half-pipe, yee boy! After that his hill got dumped on and the lad got to ski some fresh pow, 82″Ā  over one of the weeks, wouldn’t mind being in his shoes right now. Zach has also recently learned how to do a rodeo 7, pictures of that spiffy maneuver soon I hope. Coming up on the 18th Zach is going to another big mountain comp in Grand Targee wy. Wishing him the best of luck.

Now myself, I’ve just been working tons at my regular job, trying to get as much time in on PJS apparel as I can. It was difficult but some decent work has been put into hoodies, pics will be up soon. Mt.Wash also got some very decent pow over the week and 4 days in a row I was lucky enough to ski it. All the fresh pow resulted in me still not having a goggle tan, but I’m not too worried. here is a picture of the snow on Thursday.

38 cm of the light stuff overnight



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