Is it really April?

So again I failed at posting a blog post soon after the last one, my apologies. I have a bit of advice for everyone, if you ever think of getting your wisdom teeth taken out but don’t actually need to, then DON’T GET THEM OUT! worst week and a half of my life, still dealing with a messed up jaw now.

I’ve heard its spring like weather in other places around North America, but I’ve seen no signs of spring here. We only have three weekends left at Mt.Washington and its been dumping like crazy still. Saturday we had about 25″Β  of fresh after Friday was a slightly scary storm with a traffic jam at the top of the hill for three hours and only one lift running on and off because of high winds. Sunday had similar weather, with two lifts running and thankfully no traffic jam. Must say I love the powder but I would really love to have a goggle tan right now!

Pat was MIA at mt.washington this weekend, he was up at Silverstar helping coaching for a freestyle comp there. I’m sure it was a lovely trip, and hopefully they had some nice weather!

Zach has still been traveling around doing a ton of comps. He was down at Targhee a little while ago where he got second in the first two runs, then first in the third, finishing second over all. Something to be very stoked about! The weekend after he was at another state comp in AK where he won again. Kids just kicking ass!

Now that the season is coming to an end, iv been thinking a lot about what PJS will be up to for the summer and what should be happening next season. I plan on making a handful of hoodies this summer in several different designs and many different colors, also the same for tuques! This should result in some lower prices for the already made stuff, and same prices for custom orderΒ  gear! I also recently got a bunch more dyes so more range of color in the tie dyes!

Here are some pictures of some more hoodies.

Tiedye & red

Red & Black

Mixing up the colors

Hope everyone’s season has been a blast, and if anyone is in whistler for Telus Fest maybe ill see you there!



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