And Telus Fest Begins

Well today is now the second day of telus fest, my first day since I arrived last night by bus (not a fun trip, if you don’t need to buy your ticket ahead of time then don’t. Paying twice is not fun.) last night I woke up what seemed like a million times, scared that I was going to be late for my shift that starts at ten. Well I’m writing this it’s not even nine and iv been wondering the village for about an hour, goofy me.

Stores are just starting to open and it’s starting to get busy now, I’m sitting at Zogs watching people sworm to the blackcomb gondola. Orage masters is today at the base of the hill, for anyone that remembers last year it has taken the spot of the big air jump. Not the weather I was expecting so far, clouds are looming, my figers are crossed they will burn off by the afternoon but the forcast said rain for tomorrow, so whistler might be out of luck.
I’m really looking forward to seeing who’s here over the next couple days, the festival will be missing a lot of great skiers because of JOSS but plenty can still show up. I guess this is a slightly boring update haha. Hopefully I can have some more interesting stuff for you guys later on.


View on the drive, crummy photo but it’s so pretty to see with your own eyes.


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