Wild World in Whistlerrr

Just spotted above the longhorn, naked man kindly showing his junk to everyone.

So today is the 18th, it’s 6:30pm and I’m sitting at zogs once again waiting for my shift to start. Yesterday the orage masters went down and personally I was very impressed. Last year I did not find the costumes very inventive, but each team stepped it up in their own creative ways. K2 in the end took the gold, taking their glam rock theme to the next level, with mass amounts of groupies on course and even snorting lines of coke (most likely flower) off the large down flat box.

As a mid way event a member from the teams already out went to the top of the course and competed in a Chinese downhill. Each member was on blades, with a snowman mascot head nearly blinding them. Rules were they must hit all the features, and first to the bottom took 1000$ for their team. I got the run on film and you can check it at the bottom of the post.

I was set to an interesting position, security to the tower all the judges were on. This put me in a great spot to watch the event, and an easy target for hate from each teams drunk tag alongs. I’ll the athletes (as far as I know) were sober, but everyone else was taking full advantage of mass amounts of beer in the area.

One team that i thought all day were busting some very sick tricks, and doing a very good job of playing with their theme was line. They put on a great show and were very nice to the poor security guards. They did this one member short too, max hill took a bad fall off the spine in practice and was unable to compete. I hope he has a speedy recovery and is in tip-top shape for next season, injuries are no fun at all. Tonight I’m working at the state of the arts event, an amazing art show showing a lot of different stuff you don’t often get to see in a gallery (at least any iv been to) visiting this event isn’t always top on the list for people, I know that, however if you make it to the telus fest and have even ten minutes to spare in the evening I highly suggest checking it out.

Now I’m going to get some food before starting my next shift.


*note the “chug chug chug chug” at the end of the vid…


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