Day Three

As it turns out I got a shift at the state of the art event on a good night, Sunday night was the premier of the mountain bike film Follow Me. Iv always thought people that mountain bike are slightly insane, it’s a sport iv been a wee bit to chicken to try. Watching Follow Me just confirmed how crazy they are, I don’t know how good the movie is in comparison to the norm, but I was blown away with some of the stuff they did.
My state of the art shift ended late, so I wondered back to creekside to hit the hay for me early shift at the superpipe qualifiers. The sun was out yesterday making it scorching hot out. I ended the day with a mad goggle burn and even a slight burn on my arms. Many of the invited athletes took advantage of the weather and got a bunch of training laps in like Peter Olenick, he unfortunately now has an injured knee and will not be competing today.
Colby West is now here for the comp, the only one that made it from Are as far as I understand. Training is just wrapping up for the finals now, weather is not nearly as nice as yesterday, slight rain earlier that has now died down but fog is still threatening to attack the pipe.
Time to get back to my shift, at the bottom is a run of someone from the pipe yesterday, not sure who I got.. Just put my camera up when I saw someone dropping near the end of the day.

– Danko


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