Lost track of the days

Tuesday was the finals at the WSI superpipe competition. An amazing show was put on by all the riders on the cloudy day. After the mens finals went down a super hit competition happened, lots of doubles were thrown and plenty of people fell on their asses, over all an awesome show. Here is a picture of the injured Peter Olenick during his second run of the competition, he had landed wrong in practice and had decided to not compete, but that only lasted till the mens finals when he decided to go anyways. The guy threw some sick tricks but the injury might have been too much for him because at the end of both runs he fell. There is also a video of one of Colby west’s runs, the only competitor to make it back from Are.

Peter Olenick

Yesterday was my only day off to go riding. Of course that meant it was foggy and lightly raining out but it was a fun time none the less.

Today I had a very short shift, so it seemed like again I had the day off. In the afternoon classified played on the main stage in the village, an awesome show for sure. He is playing again tonight at Mojos, wish I could go however im out of luck haha. Now im going to play some drinking games, non-alcoholic of course.



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