Wrap-up Telus Fest 2010

As soon as I got home it seems I failed at getting the last blog post up,
guess that's what going back to the real world can do to you. Here it is tho.

The last few days were some what of a blur and had gone in the blink
of an eye. Thursday afternoon classified played in the village square,
one of the most popular of the free shows I saw, with the audience
area completely filling even before the hill was closed for the day.

On Friday I worked the grenade games superpipe competition, it was
cool to see how they ran that comp, and really feel the difference in
the atmosphere at the snowboard comp opposed to the skiers comp. Not
having a pipe at my home mountain it was also cool to see what both
the great skiers and snowboarders are throwing down.

Watching Classified for free in the sunshine

Got a bit of bad news from the team too, Zach has unfortunately
broken his leg in a crazy superman front flip accident resulting in
his body moving forward when his leg did not. The break was clean
and his recovery should be relatively fast, so he'll be good to go by
the start of next season thankfully. 

The PJS team might also be getting a bit bigger in the near future.
This can wait for another post tho. So until next time, hope everyone
is having an amazing spring.


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