Non-business related border hoping

I’ve slightly failed at posting regularly eh? Well spring has been a boring time anyways, very busy with boring activity’s.  For the most part all I have been up to is grad related planning, and making hoodies. Nothing much worth posting for. However I did just come back from a rather fun adventure, and there is some other PJS related stuff I can post about. However lets start with the adventure.

I went on the last school trip of my high school career over May-long weekend. A group of 43 students and 4 teachers took a bus into Washington state to see Mt. St Helen’s, an active volcano that is rather rad to say the least. On the first day in Washington we  went spelunking  on one side of the mountain, the caves were made by lava, I thought it was rather sick! We also saw some rather large holes made from the lava when it reached trees, the holes were where the trunks had been! I feel nerdy, never had much interest in volcanoes before the trip but it was all very interesting stuff to see.

Where a tree used to be

On the second day we went to the observatory on the other side of the mountain.  On a sunny day you are able to see all of Mt St Helen’s in all its craziness, and you can learn about all that happened when it erupted 30 yrs ago. Sadly the class only got to do the learning part, and got half a view of the mountain since the upper half was tucked away in clouds. We still went for a little hike in the snow to attempt and get a better view however.

A couple of friends & I on the short hike to view the mountain

an amazing view of the clouds

That class adventure was how I spent my may-long. We then went home on the Sunday; arriving in the afternoon, and Monday morning my good friend Ian and I were off to the USA border once again. This time we were headed to San Francisco, driving the length in two days, this was my first time past Washington state and I’m still pumped! This trip happened for a couple of reasons, 1) our good friend Emme was graduating and we wanted to watch the grand event, and 2) Ian and I are planning to call San Francisco home this summer living with Emme and we were checking out the place.

I didn’t get many pictures in the city, but here is the cool city hall

I’ve always been a small town girl, and although I’ve been extremely stoked for my summer plans the idea of living in such a large city has been daunting. However upon arrive I quickly learned that San Francisco is the nicest large city I have ever been to. The vibe, the people, the sights, it’s all very nice, and after a stroll down Height street I felt right at home seeing the rad shops id be living within walking distance from.

Emme & I on the beach by the Golden Gate Bridge

After just a few short days in the bay area, what truly seems unreal sitting in front of my computer at home, Ian and I started the long drive back home. Another night in a rest stop later, over 3000 km driven, and this afternoon I arrived at my quite home.

Took the 101 for the start of the drive home, really nice sights

For the last bit of news, as I said a while back the PJS team is growing. A new member from Alaska has joined named Logan Imlach, and here is a recent interview you can read from him, (and notice another tie-dye PJS hoodie)

Logan isn’t the only new member, there are a few lads from whistler also new to the team. However since this post is already crazy long I will wait and introduce them later this week.



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