Whistler trio

Telus Fest time PJS made a few friends in whistler, and now 3 new riders are on the team from the lovely hill. Before the end of the season they put together a few edits and a link to them is on the bottom of the post, and you can expect lots of edits from whistler over next season. So to the young lads…

Graeme Tod-Tims is a rad little guy (actually rather tall.. 6ft something?, but young) that I’ve known for a while, he just doesn’t remember. We used to both be on our local hills freestyle teams and went to a bunch of the same competitions. Hadn’t seen him for a few years till Telus Fest when Shawn (he’s coming up) re-introduced us. Isn’t it funky how situations like that come about. Also its his birthday today!!! Thought I’d mention that little tidbit of info, little lads grown up.




Shawn Clarke is the oldest of these three lads, think I saw a few gray hairs on his head last time we hung out, got them old people bones too, lame to announce it in the first post he’s in but this guys out for the Blackcomb glacier training because of a broken hip. He’s really not that old tho, only 19 and no gray hairs on his head that I’m aware of. He’ll be ready to go for next season tho and we are hoping his recovery is fast! The injury only happened a few days ago.




And something to laugh at, hes in the suit.

James Kay is another young fellow like Graeme. This guy is VERY new at skiing, and its sick to see how quickly he is picking up the sport.Β  He has massive amounts of potential and I’m really looking forward to seeing some edits next season, powder and park.


Night session


Here is the link to the edits! Enjoy


So there is a new post, I really am bad at posting regularly eh? I have something else to put up tho, so a new one will be up within the week. Hope everyone’s summers are amazing so far!!~



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