Drive Slow

I hate driving, let's start with that. Two years ago right 
before Christmas I was in a roll over car accident with a couple 
of family members, the type of roll over accident where you see 
the car and wonder if the people lived. We thankfully all walked 
away with just slight scratches, but I can still vividly remember 
the accident and I've never fully been comfortable in a car since.

    At this moment I'm driving to Victoria with my brother, after 
hardly any sleep last night I would love to close my eyes for an 
hour, but sleeping in a car is far from comfortable for me now. 
It doesn't help the fact that about half an hour ago we passed a 
horrible accident. The driver's side of the car was entirely 
smashed in from what I can only imagine was a result of hitting
the road barriers, two of which were pushed fully off the side of 
the road and others were covered in long marks. Little yellow 
evidence number things were strewn across the stretch of road, 
I felt like I was on the set of a CSI episode. Seeing this strongly 
reminded me of how much I really dislike driving, and how it is 
way to easy to hurt yourself or others by pushing it just a bit to
far when your behind the driver's seat. 

    I know I've let the accident I was in scare me far too much, 
I've been lucky to never lost anyone close to a car accident, 
earlier this year however there was a bad scare when a classmate 
was put in the hospital for several months after crashing her car. 
Every day I've seen her I'm insanely happy knowing she's recovering, 
and how lucky our community is to not have lost a young driver this
past year because it has happened far to often in the past.

    Maybe this is a slight rant... But I just want to remind people 
to be careful well driving, it's not a video game, and often it's 
never just yourself you're putting at risk, be it physical or mental 

The accident I was in.

So, there is my rant about driving.

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