3 states, 1 province, 21 hours.

The title is how long my friend and I took to drive home from San Francisco yesterday. Holy shit next time I go that way I think ill fly, that was a long time in a car.

So that’s why I haven’t posted in a while, computer access wasn’t that great well I was in San FranciscoΒ  and I wasn’t sure if there was anything worth posting about. Who knows if anyone wants to hear about my trip now, but here goes anyways.

Me and a buddy from school named Ian took off driving down to San Francisco early this month, stopping in the small town of Jacksonville Oregon for a few days. This area is very nice I loved it, super relaxing and a nice vibe in the town. Another sick town is about 14 miles away (I think 14..) called Ashland, I’m hopefully going to be able to visit a friend in this town this season and hit up Mt.Ashland too, really looking forward to it.

beautiful lake by Jacksonville

this was in Lithia park, in the sick town of Ashland

I really enjoyed Oregon, if you want to travel in the USA it’s a place id suggest going, although I haven’t really seen much of the country, I’m sure there are dozens of other amazing places to go as well.

After spending some time there Ian and I took off again for San Francisco, if you’re the type of summer person that likes crazy heat, sun bathing on the beach every day, and tans, it’s not the summer location id suggest to you. Almost every day I was in a thick hoodie and tuque, craziness. Went across the bay to some other areas however and they were back to normal crazy hot summer weather. One thing that there is a lot of around San Francisco is surfing, I only made it out once but it was so much fun!! Fingers crossed I’ll be able to go again in Tofino before the summer ends but we shall see. Here are some scenic pictures of the San Francisco area.

night-time city lights

Blur of a friend in front of the Bay Bridge

Castro! deff saw a naked man walking around moments before taking this

Forget what park I was at, but lots of places have nice views of the city

China town! everything was super packed and touristy lol, it was funny going from there to little Italy, that was all spread out and chill

Well I think the pictures are enough, it was a fun trip πŸ™‚ however I did not get to sew, and it drove me nuts. Ordered some fabric before I left for home and it should be arriving soon, so stoked! I’ll have pictures up of the hoodies I make soon as they are all done.



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