Fall Beanie sale

Late fall of last year PJS put on a one week sale for tuques and it turned out really well, so this year I’m going to do the same thing.

The way it works is like this, 5 tuques are already finished (pictures bellow) and they are all priced at $10. Custom orders can be made at the price of $15, and the sale lasts two weeks long. Regular price for tuques are $20 so you can save a little skrilla if you buy now. All orders must be put in and paid for by Thursday the 26th after that the sale is over.

If you are a fan on FB the best way to make an order is through a facebook message there, otherwise you can E-mail me at Danko_Skiing@hotmail.com with the subject “PJS beanie sale”.

so here are the $10 tuques!

Blue and gray

Purple and white.

Thin purple, yellow and blue stripes over black.

blue, gray and black over purple

blue, white and purple over black

So there are the tuques, and if you want something of a different nature its $15, still $5 less than normal.



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