Music Festivals

Over this past weekend I attended a music festival called the Big Time Out. The festival is two nights long and loads of fun, however being a broke teenager I didn’t really want to go out and spend mad money on a ticket, so I Volunteered. Personally I’m not really down for sneaking in like so many other’s my age, because if the festivals don’t have the help they need and make enough money for tickets, lets face it, they wont be able to happen year after year.

Volunteering consisted of this, having something to do during the early day hours when its to hot out to do anything fun anyways. I was on the volunteer security crew, so I got a sweet yellow shirt that states my mad authority, and free food for telling people they can’t go backstage. So that’s how my days went, nights involved a lot more dancing and music listening, wondering and little sleep.

For the music..

Going to the festival I hadn’t heard of many of the bands, but I enjoyed most of the ones I actually got to get a good earful of. Starting with some of the ones I had never heard of before..

Vitaminsforyou- This band played early in the evening and really got me and my friends hyper for the rest of the night, a few youtube videos is all I have listened to since seeing them live, but they put on a very energetic show and I’d be thrilled to see them again. So here is one of their only youtube videos I could find that wasn’t live..

Hannah Georgas- I didn’t recall watching Hannah Georgas.. I believe I was walking around during her performance, but her name wrang a bell as being music I enjoyed at some point in time. Some friends had liked her show, and after looking her up on youtube I do in-fact enjoy it as well. So here is one of her songs.

The Acorn- These guys were playing well I was on shift sadly and I couldn’t go out and watch like I so badly wanted too. Some lovely people I was camping ran off to watch them right away, super stoked, they were big fans already. Here’s one of their lovely songs.

Kim Churchill- This young Australian artist is full of talent, he was the first to perform saturday and then again sunday. The first day he played I was really reminded of Shane Philip, and really stoked listening to his music. After I heard him again on sunday I had to go pick up his CD. I was unable to find a good youtube video of his music but here is a link to his website.

Shamik- This awesome guy is a very talented with his beatboxing skills, I’ve known him for about 4 years now and am stoked every summer that I get a chance to see him. He’s been touring like mad but still managed to make a sick new album that I am very stoked on, check the blog over this winter and you’ll be able to hear some of his tunes in what will hopefully be weekly or bi-weekly edits. Here is his website to check out!

Last stuff I got for you guys is K’naan, for some reason he came to little Denman Island back in 2006 so I’ve been lucky enough to have listened to his music (and skid to it too) for a long time now. His live show is so much fun, and he is a really chill, awesome guy. Β (He had the coolest pair of hightops EVER! might just be saying that because I have no clue what brand they are, but I definitely give k’naan props for having such great taste in foot wear. So here is one of my favourite of his songs.

So that’s all I got from the festival, man they can be fun. Hope everyone had amazing summers, mines more less almost done, school in two weeks! holy moly.




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