New Beginnings! The SROAM Program.

Nearly a month ago, during late August, I found myself going through a large change in my life. That change would be moving out of my house of 18 years, away from my mommy and lovely home, and on to the great big world! Since then I have settled in with some roommates in the amazing town of nelson, attending school five days a week in the SROAM program (Ski Resort Operations and Management program).

So far school has been amazing, the class is so different from high-school in a very enjoyable way. One thing that’s crazy to get used too is the fact that I am one of only three girls in the program, everyone is so awesome though and we all have such similar interests (mountains of course!!). In that sense the SROAM program is a lot like when I worked on mount washington, most people on the hills are guys and everyone connects in that amazing way that mountains bring people together.

Last Wednesday one of our classes was spent hiking whitewater mountain, checking out the older lifts and a new one they are putting in for this season (lucky me!). Our teacher introduced us to lots of the people installing the new lift and it was so interesting being able to see that stuff done, hearing about all the work that’s put into it, and how much something like a new lift costs! I can’t even imagine that type of money, truly is such an expensive sport. Back home I’ve never been on Mt.Washington in the summer time, only ever winter, countless times, and its rather trippy to think about seeing as Mt.Washington is a very busy place in the summer. That being said, it was awesome being on top of Wh2O before the snow fell! Seeing everything open and green, picking out possible line for the winter with everyone from the class, getting more and more stoked for the season every day. Being with the same people in school every day is already creating a very tight group between the class, as a result there is going to be an awesome group riding here and lots of edits will be coming out, not all PJS riders, but lots of friends that can rip and I’m very stoked. Lots of pictures were taken on my good camera.. unfortunately I haven’t been able to get them on my computer yet so here is two pictures from the hike.

Across from Wh2O looking at white queen.

One of the trucks belonging to the workers putting in the new lift, very classy stuff.

Should have internet at the house within the week and putting new blog posts up should be easier, I know I say that every time.. but at least when the season starts it will be true! Lots more going on then.




  1. I’m an editor in Ottawa, but I did the SROAM program years ago β€”Β very fun to read about it! Miss Nelson terribly. I can’t believe you have a blogging class?! I was in my first year at Selkirk when I got my first email address. (Hotmail, ew!)
    Anyway, I came across your blog when researching the Ottawa scene. These days I only ski when I go to see my mom on Vancouver Island, and I’m kind of out of it. Any Ottawa-natives in the SROAM program this year?

    1. Thats so crazy! How did you find my blog searching for ottawa? I don’t think any of the eastern boys are from Ottawa, but we do have a large amount from Ontario. I’ve heard the course has changed a lot over the last 10 years, lots of new teachers now too. You should get out and ski more! I’m guessing you would go to Mt.Washington when visiting your mom? It can be a fun hill for sure. Our blogging is part of our Access class, we have three computers classes learning how to use the microsoft programs, Word, Excel and Access.

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