The Nelson Vibe

I thought it might be a good idea to do an update of well… life? I guess. That being… my life, and the life of PJS, whats been going on and what my plans are for the near future. I’m living in Nelson right now to take part in the SROAM program (Ski Resort Operations And Management) at Selkirk College. The program is what I was expecting, and in another light, an experience I was not expecting. Right now is the middle of exam time for semester one, a rather scary time since semester one is the most difficult of the three semesters in the program. Amidst trying to focus on Purplejumpsuit, and having skiing run through my brain like the addiction it is, I’ve had to share my focus with classes. Accounting, computer programs like Word and Excel, and business communications, (the classes I hadn’t thought to much about for a ski hill); along with the many very ski focused courses like Tourism, ย Ski Area Planning, Lift Functions Maintenance and Operations, and the important Risk Management class.

After the first semester, I’ve surprisingly come to the conclusion that I have no desire to work outside. Mechanics isn’t my strong point, and if I’m going to be outside in the snow, I want to be skiing it, not standing on it. So that makes Lifts a bit of a useless class for myself… minus the fact it is rather rad I’ll know how one works and all the crazy stuff it takes to maintain. Even if it’s not the career path I want, it’s some rather awesome stuff (it will be even better next week when the exam is over!)

A project we’ve done that has helped me to figure out the career I want, and lead me in that direction, is our Career Profile assignment. For three of our classes we had to interview someone in the industry (one guy interviewed Nancy Greene! how rad is that?) that has a career we are interested in. It gave everyone in the class the opportunity to receive great insight from a true professional and learn if they would still really enjoy that career. I interviewed someone working for a ski magazine, because I slightly fancy writing and photography is a passion of mine, and magazines tend to be a nice mix of the two. After the interview I’m still rather keen on the career path, if I can’t focus full-time on Purplejumpsuit to make a living, I’d like to perhaps work with a magazine, either that or be an events coordinator. That career seems awesome too, could you imagine planning something like TELUSย World Ski and Snowboard Festival? Would be a crazy accomplishment.

Not all our time has been spent in the classroom during this first semester. For the lifts class we were able to make a trip up Wh2O (whitewater ski hill) to take a hands on look at the lifts. After that we went on a field trip, one of three we have this year, to a bunch of mountains in the area. We got to hear from the General Managers and many other very important people from Lake Louise, Sunshine Village, Norquay, Panorama, and Fernie, along with checking out some really cool stuff they got at the hills and see how they run. It was a fun trip, but I’m looking forward to the next couple field-trips much more, when we get to go skiing on them!! Woot woot.

Wh2O hasย been open fully since the 10th, I’ve gotten 7 days in so far, not as many as the boyfriend who has 14 but that’s okay by me! I’ll catch up. Been having some boot problems but they are slowly getting fixed and I’ll be in tip-top shape soon enough. Whitewater has been getting dumped on with the white stuff lately and it’s just getting more and more epic, drops and pillows and endless pow, just how I like it.

This seems like enough writing for now, so I’ll leave you with an edit! Gonna be a bit backwards and put the pre-season one up next week, such is life, I’m much to busy.



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