Kootenay Coldsmoke 2011

Whitewater was host to the epic coldsmoke event that happened this past weekend. Each year the event seems to be getting more and more well deserved attention, and whitewater seems to be doing a great job with keeping everything organized for all the fun stuff.  I was a volunteer for yesterdays slopestyle event, (basically a big mountain competition, set up for each rider to get one or two big hits) and I learnt just how hard kootenay locals can throw down.  People were sending 50 ft drops like it was nothing, many including a backflip as well. Although a lot of  the young hotshots lots skis in the process or at least tumbled once or twice, it was still an epic site to be had. I had planned to try and take some pictures from the top, but with all the rushing around, and the freezing cold, (nearly got frost bite standing up top for the 4.5 hours), I wasn’t able to snag any. I suggest anyone interested in the big mountain scene, touring scene, kootenay scene, winter events or just anyone wanting to know whats worth checking out next winter, take a look at their site and put it on your calendar!

The event has so much more going on then just the slopestyle, which is presented by Nelsons Valhalla Pure Outfitters, it has an awesome balloon sale going on at the retail shop, workshops going from beginner lessons to well.. anything.. A bunch of demo tents to try out lots of different gear, and other fun competitions like a poker run, a bank slalom, and a touring competition up and down both sides of the hill, weaving in and out of bounds taking about 3 hours.

For those interested, here is a link to the event! Coldsmoke event at Whitewater

Sorry if this post is a bit jumbled and hard to read, I have a million things running through my head right now with school and plans for the summer!



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