Update from the east

Pat sent me a short email with a couple pictures and just talking about what he’s been up to.


So I’ve had a mildly slow winter, been coaching freestyle at Camp Fortune a ton, (a solid 400 foot of vertical) which leaves little to no time to shred, but I’ve been figuring it out. Every now and then my girlfriend and I try to rip up to Tremblant for a day. But trying to juggle work, school, and skiing has been pretty tough, especially since it was midterm time for the past couple weeks and thank god that’s over. To celebrate I went up to my cousin’s cabin a few hours north of Quebec City, and to my surprise he had an epiiicc setup built in his backyard. So we hit that up with a few of his friends for a couple days, went sledding and found some stashes of pow and never even got the chance to take the lift once even though it’s a 5 min walk away from his doorstep haha.

Now I’m back in Ottawa and it’s my last weekend of coaching, pretty stoked to be able to get some sick slushy park skiing in before the end of the season! Hopefully ill be able to hit up some more urban with local buddies a couple more times too! For now though the plan is to sort out and edit the footage we’ve got so far and try to post it up! Oh yeah and not failing any more classes is deff a major focus right now too.


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