Pat Boucher shows us, “Our Day in 1976”

Our Day in 1976

On Saturday, April 7th, Team NS set out to Mont Tremblant, QC for the second edition of the Red Bull 1976. It is an event like no other, where one pieces, 210’s, wigs are encouraged, and outdated tricks are a must !

13 Teams of four skiers each compete in 2 different events, and the podium is based on a combined score of the events.

1) Magic Moguls. Every skier had one run solo down the moguls, than teams went for one final run as a group.

2) Old School Air. Using the jump however you like, Teams each got one practice run, and then one qualifier to impress the judges with creativity and old school style!

Team NS finished with a respectable 4th place. We went out looking to have a blast on the final weekend of skiing. This is always an awesome event, and we were stoked to participate for the second year since its Tremblant debut, last year. It was solid way to end the 2011/2012 season!

L-R : Dillon Mallory, Simon Gagnon, Saxon Giddings (saxon), Pat Boucher(Trojan~Man)

Ex Canadian National Team member – he had the real 1976 style and technique !

Team NS member Pat Boucher getting rad off the bottom mogul!

Teams arriving on THE 1976 bus !

Team NS members Saxon and Pat mid-lincoln loop and mid-720 spread eagle, respectively.

Team Local Squad throwing down for the win!

The double-corks of 1976 !

Team NS member Dillon Mallory as Saucer-Boy!

The 1976 gang before the event!

The podium, with $1000 winners Local Squad on top ! $750 was up for second place, and $500 for third.

Compiled by: Pat Boucher & Saxon Giddings


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