Taking Steps

Over the past five years, PJS has been growing, evolving, and figuring out where it wants to fit in this crazy mountain community. We are coming up on a new season, full of new opportunities with doors opening around every corner, and I want to share with you the ever-changing and growing ideas that have come to resonate at this stage.

We want to be as local as possible. Everything is hand-made in BC, and we are working to expand with new designs and features, all while making sure all of our sources remain as local as possible. We do this for several reasons. If we buy local, we can be doing so from smaller businesses helping those close by. Buying local can also help to lessen our environmental footprint as we bring you PJS products, because materials do not need to be transported as far. By making all our pieces by hand with custom orders or very small batches, we also lessen the waste from production. As more products are made, we learn how to minimize unused pieces of fabric, how to create more durable items, and how to improve the overall designs to be more useful in day-to-day life.


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