Don’t Forget To Play

Dont Forget Crop

PJS is happy to announced we have teamed up with an incredibly talented young lady who goes by the name of Kim Service, Kim puts pencil to paper in her spare time from school to create intricate, unique, and entertaining pieces of artwork. A portion of one as seen above, full image can be viewed on Kim’s blog,  titled “Don’t Forget to Play” will be the first graphic of hers that is featured on a PJS hoodie. A percentage of every sale featuring her art will go right back to Kim to let her know how awesome the artwork is!

Don’t Forget to Play is described as followed:

“This pen and ink drawing symbolizes the need for us all to get lost in the woods. Keep your head in the clouds and don’t forget to play. Avoid getting so caught up in your bullshit that you forget what a big world it is, and the good some fresh air will do for you.”

A well-fitting piece for all our mountain enthusiasts.

To see more of Kim’s artwork before it appears on a hoodie, check out her blog which showcases new art as it is completed.


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