Where to start… about the blog? about what PJS is? about me? It feels like “what PJS is..” has come out of my mouth a million times, but it would make sense to have a page about it all, So we’ll start there.

ABOUT PJS – History and now

Purplejumpsuit Apparel makes custom tuques and hoodies, focused for people in the ski industry but welcome to anyone who likes a bit of a different style. It all started in 2008 as a hobby of mine. Even though I honestly hardly wear tuques, it was a very large obsession of mine to buy ones I liked, much like a normal girls obsession with shoes. Being somewhat of a perfectionist with art, and having a decent sized creative side, it occurred to me I could potentially pick up crocheting relatively easily. Giving it a shot everything worked out as planned and my tuque collection began to grow even more.  Friends began showing interest surprisingly quickly saying I’d be able to make a profit, and they would be interested in paying for some. So it began with friends, than friends of friends, and when November 2009 rolled around I expanded into hoodies.

Hoodies began from much the same reason as tuques, the one difference being, I do wear hoodies on a very regular basis. With a small amount of previous sewing practice, (grade 8 sewing course)  a family friend went over a hoodie pattern with me to explain any misunderstood information and take the role of teacher. Finishing the hoodie completely by the book I didn’t like how it looked, and taking what I had learnt from my teacher I changed up the pattern and created what I refer to as my first hoodie.

The first PJS hoodie

It still wasn’t perfect, some work had to be done on the design, but I was very excited none the less. Apparently some friends were also excited since one of them demanded to buy it. After that each new hoodie just got better, the custom idea was a hit, people enjoyed having some creative input on how they wanted their hoodies to look.



  1. Hey there Annica when you were working at mt washington the area manager happened to notice that many people were wearing your toques.So he made it a rule that staff can only wear toques that sponsors the mountain.Lame yes! Lots of peeps still wearing them here.We support local crafts!

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