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Pat B hits up the Fokus Rail Jam

And he made a little edit, enjoy!


PJS Team Edit

I’m stoked to be sharing this with everyone right now, So hopefully everyone likes it as much as I do! Pat and his good buddy Brett (together making the GB crew) put together a short edit with footage from most of the PJS team!

The plans are that next season we’ll be able to do the same thing, but longer and everyone included. Stoked with how this turned out however, so check out Matt MacCallum, Pat Boucher, Zach Halverson, and Logan Imlach in our first real team edit!

Eye of the Condor

Team member Zach Halverson has found himself in south America right now on an adventure that, for some, would be the trip of a lifetime, but for him it’s looking like just the beginning. Zach and a group of friends were recently involved in an event called Eye of the Condor, which included several video and photography competitions, one of the events being a 5 minute video taken during the time in La Parva, Chile. Zach and the rest of Team Dubsatch won the video competition with some awesome footage of not only just the hill, but the roof of a parking garage as well. Check it out!


One of the contests is still up for grabs, and you can vote here for who you think deserves the reader’s choice award.You can also view pictures and video entries from all of the teams, I may be a bit bias, but vote Team Dubsatch!

PJS Returns for fall

Well, hello everyone. Thank you to the people who have still been viewing the blog in hopes of something new, you guys got me really stoked! Unfortunately most of the summer I didn’t have much time for anything PJS related, and therefore nothing to post about… However, I am now back in Nelson to wrap up my final semester of school at Selkirk, and hopefully will be spending the majority of my free time sewing and crocheting! Not to mention it’s getting to that point where skiing is on my mind a great deal and everyone in my class keeps mentioning snow.

It’s an understatement to say I’m upset about my lack of focus towards PJS for the past three months, however I have been planning, and hoping, and planning ways to focus more time towards PJS this season. Part of being so busy this summer was getting myself enough money for the semester so I wont need to work during school. Hopefully I’ve succeeded in that, but I guess we’ll know for sure when the time is over. That being said, it means I really will have the spare time to sew, crochet, and sew some more.

I hadn’t been a complete slacker this summer, I even have some pictures of products! Orders done at the start of the summer to perhaps give ideas to others, and tuques for those who have as large of an obsession as I do.

Vest Design

Vest Design

The Philosofist- What Matt Fry has been up to.

So over this past season I know we haven’t heard too much about Matt Fry, well he’s been at school and that’s a large reason why. He’s also been doing some other stuff, one thing being music. The Philosofist (that’s matt) now has a mix tape out for all the lovely people of the world to enjoy, and you can listen to it here!

Enjoy the tunes everybody, and I hope you’ve all been enjoying some sun!

Zach’s season update #2

Having some fun at Kirkwood, CA

The last time we crossed paths I was heading out to North American Open in Kirkwood CA for stop number four. I ended up taking first in the comp, stoked! Also I hit the storm cycle there, they had over 200 inches in a week and I was there for the last five days of that week. BOOSH. Good times on good snow with good friends. That first place put me in first place overall for the season standing. I had about a two-week break from competition so I stopped in at home for a few days then flew out the Colorado for some soul shredding with Team Summit at A-Basin. After a week I drove over to Snowbird UT for stop number five, the final stop on the JFT. Again a storm cycle was moving in. Seems as though the snow is following me. I ended up falling on a front flip in finals but with my placing at the previous four stops it was enough to keep me in first for the overall! I also won the overall Freemountain Award! Had a very fun season and I can’t wait for next year!

Rockin first and showing off his PJS hoodie.

Matt MacCallum Edit

Whitewater’s season has officially came to an end, spring is in the air here in nelson, it’s a love hate time for many of us skiers. I’m personally looking forward to school wrapping up in two weeks, moving to a new area and having much more free time to work on hoodies. Also the fact that Sunshine has a much longer spring season and I may get a few more days on snow! (slightly torn about that however, as I am not a fan of what happened recently to so many of their old management.)

Also possibly going to Sunshine later this spring is Matt MacCallum, and even though his season is still not over he decided to put together a little 2010/2011 edit to enjoy the memories. Now here it is for your enjoyment.