Event recap

Pat Boucher Coaching Fun

An update on PJS team rider Pat Boucher: He’s been in the eastern lands of Canada spending lots of time coaching with the Camp Fortune Freestyle club. Always so awesome to see how much the freestyle world can push and inspire skiers from all over, and we’re stoked Pat’s a part of this! 

Fortune Team

Camp Fortune team on home turf doing their thing

So a little while ago the Fortune freestyle comp team headed down from Ottawa to Mt St Louis Moonstone for the Timber Tour slopestyle  and halfpipe event. The weekend was super successful for the first competition of the year attaining many podium finishes, in slope this included:

1st for Mitchel Clarke in M2 category

2nd place for Justin Mallory in M3

4th for Josh Skarjzenski-smith, M3

2nd for owen hawkins in slopestyle and third in pipe, M5

1st for Shondra Charboneau in both girls slope and pipe, F2

The team has been hanging out at fortune for the past few weeks, training in anticipation of this weekends big event; Canadian open at Mt st louis Moonstone resort.


Some of the team who get to enjoy Pat’s coaching, Kurtis, Devon, Josh and Matt, excited to see the results!


View of the pipe, comp day.


Zach Halverson Alyeska 2013 Bio


Photo by Nate Cahoon

Alyeska Resort athlete, Zach Halverson, grew up skiing Alyeska nearly every winter day.  His formal training was as a Mighty Mite skier, Junior team racer, and Freeride team member.  Mostly though, his “training” came in the form of freeskiing laps with friends, day after day.  He turned that feeling of freedom into competitive success on the Junior Freeskiing Tour (JFT), a series of Big Mountain skiing competitions held throughout North America.  In 2011, when Zach was 17, he won the overall tour title.  He is also a two-time event winner on the JFT, winning at Stevens Pass, Washington, and Kirkwood, California.  When he was 17, Powder Magazine ranked him the 10th best skier in the world under the age of 18.

Zach now shares his joy of skiing through films and photographs in national magazines. He was part of a team that won the prestigious Eye of the Condor film and photo contest in La Parva, Chile (http://vimeo.com/27315938).  He also filmed two segments for ESPN, highlighting skiing in southcentral Alaska (http://vimeo.com/38119376 and http://vimeo.com/40367230).  In a recent Powder magazine article showcasing Alyeska Resort, Zach had a spectacular, two page photo jumping off Lolo’s at sunset.  He still occasionally competes in Big Mountain competitions, in the adult league now.  He was 2nd place at the Red Bull “Wrangle the Chute” contest in Kicking Horse, British Columbia, 15th in the Freeskiing World Tour (FWT) event at the Argentine National championships, and 17th at the FWT event at the Chilean National championships.

Zach’s adventurous spirit extends beyond skiing too.  He has climbed Kilimanjaro in Africa, the Grand Teton in Wyoming, and numerous peaks in the Chugach mountains.  He is a four time age-group winner at the Mt Marathon race in Seward, AK.  He’s completed a three month adventure thru the Amazon Rainforest including a 30-day canoe trip in the Amazon basin, and a 28-day backpacking trek in the high cerrado of Brazil (look it up).  In the summer, he is a deckhand on a purse seiner in Prince William Sound.

Zach says, “The Chugach Mountains are a skiers paradise.  The lift served terrain at Alyeska is as good as most backcountry areas around the world.  Get out and ski it – snow, sleet, rain, or shine and you can ski anything and anywhere.”

Zach is sponsored by Alyeska Resort, Blizzard skis, Tecnica boots, Smith Optics, Soul Poles, and Purplejumpsuit Apparel.

Whistler Crankworx 2012

Whistler during bike season, this is a time I actually feel very out-of-place while visiting this beautiful area! Finding my way here on monday the 13th, I had an afternoon to take in the bike atmosphere before starting my volunteer shifts on Tuesday. From my past experiences, Whistler loves to have stuff in the village during events like this. I’m not sure what mountain bikers think of this style of biking, but two guys that are into trials biking had a show going every afternoon and personally I found it very entertaining. The amount of core strength these guys must have to balance like they do, wish my balance was even close! Check out videos of this stuff on the link below. I’m sure you’ll have to after the confusing jumble I just wrote.


After my Tuesday shift came and went filled with office help, I spent the evening in the Olympic Plaza watching the GoPro Dirt Diaries competition, and it was awesome! Biking is incredible to watch, and I was blown away by some of the entries. One of the competitors was 15 or 16 years old.. that’s incredible! Wish I was able to come up with a film half as good as any of the entries. Not the biggest fan of writing in this post though, so here is the winner’s edit. Enjoy!

30 Days Dirt Diaries

Wednesday didn’t bring much change from the day before, I don’t bike and my shift was indoors so all my time was spent in the village area. However again this evening there was a show, a photography slide show competition this time, and again it was pretty damn awesome! Reuben Krabbe took home first place, I’m not sure where I can find his slide show but if anyones able to I say do it!! Or any of the entries, they were all incredible. If you want to see his work I’ve linked his website, also shoots skiing!


Thursday was a blast! My afternoon consisted of the regular office volunteer shift, which turned out to be ideal because it was INSANELY hot outside all day.  Once that was all said and done and the heat started to burn off it was time for the pump track competition! Finally I got to see a biking competition on my trip! It was an entertaining one too, loads of fun with some entertaining finals. Here are a couple of the pictures I got, nothing to amazing, yay for iphones!

Next came friday… This was the day when most normal people were coming to Crankworx, or at least not leaving like I was. Thankfully it wasn’t to early though! And I had an outdoor shift for my last day volunteering, that was rad. I got to help out during the time trials of the duel slalom which was awesome to watch, (I was monitoring the turn with the most crashes, bonus for me! Not so much for the athletes.) As it just so happened when my volunteer shift ended the training and qualifiers for the slopestyle began, that was an awesome event to watch! I had meant to write this up the next day while watching the live feed of the finals on Pinkbike, but my eyes were glued to the competition! Here’s a picture I got.

Sorry it’s not the most entertaining blog post! Wish I had been a bit closer to the action and knew biking better, however my midweek trip to experience Crankworx has me even more determined to try the sport now! (Fingers are crossed for October!) And I was thinking… Perhaps PJS Should make some summer style clothing based around biking athletes? If you think so let me know purplejumpsuitapparel@gmail.com

I’ll leave you with one last picture…

My amazing view of the sunset traveling home

Kootenay Coldsmoke 2011

Whitewater was host to the epic coldsmoke event that happened this past weekend. Each year the event seems to be getting more and more well deserved attention, and whitewater seems to be doing a great job with keeping everything organized for all the fun stuff.  I was a volunteer for yesterdays slopestyle event, (basically a big mountain competition, set up for each rider to get one or two big hits) and I learnt just how hard kootenay locals can throw down.  People were sending 50 ft drops like it was nothing, many including a backflip as well. Although a lot of  the young hotshots lots skis in the process or at least tumbled once or twice, it was still an epic site to be had. I had planned to try and take some pictures from the top, but with all the rushing around, and the freezing cold, (nearly got frost bite standing up top for the 4.5 hours), I wasn’t able to snag any. I suggest anyone interested in the big mountain scene, touring scene, kootenay scene, winter events or just anyone wanting to know whats worth checking out next winter, take a look at their site and put it on your calendar!

The event has so much more going on then just the slopestyle, which is presented by Nelsons Valhalla Pure Outfitters, it has an awesome balloon sale going on at the retail shop, workshops going from beginner lessons to well.. anything.. A bunch of demo tents to try out lots of different gear, and other fun competitions like a poker run, a bank slalom, and a touring competition up and down both sides of the hill, weaving in and out of bounds taking about 3 hours.

For those interested, here is a link to the event! Coldsmoke event at Whitewater

Sorry if this post is a bit jumbled and hard to read, I have a million things running through my head right now with school and plans for the summer!


New Beginnings! The SROAM Program.

Nearly a month ago, during late August, I found myself going through a large change in my life. That change would be moving out of my house of 18 years, away from my mommy and lovely home, and on to the great big world! Since then I have settled in with some roommates in the amazing town of nelson, attending school five days a week in the SROAM program (Ski Resort Operations and Management program).

So far school has been amazing, the class is so different from high-school in a very enjoyable way. One thing that’s crazy to get used too is the fact that I am one of only three girls in the program, everyone is so awesome though and we all have such similar interests (mountains of course!!). In that sense the SROAM program is a lot like when I worked on mount washington, most people on the hills are guys and everyone connects in that amazing way that mountains bring people together.

Last Wednesday one of our classes was spent hiking whitewater mountain, checking out the older lifts and a new one they are putting in for this season (lucky me!). Our teacher introduced us to lots of the people installing the new lift and it was so interesting being able to see that stuff done, hearing about all the work that’s put into it, and how much something like a new lift costs! I can’t even imagine that type of money, truly is such an expensive sport. Back home I’ve never been on Mt.Washington in the summer time, only ever winter, countless times, and its rather trippy to think about seeing as Mt.Washington is a very busy place in the summer. That being said, it was awesome being on top of Wh2O before the snow fell! Seeing everything open and green, picking out possible line for the winter with everyone from the class, getting more and more stoked for the season every day. Being with the same people in school every day is already creating a very tight group between the class, as a result there is going to be an awesome group riding here and lots of edits will be coming out, not all PJS riders, but lots of friends that can rip and I’m very stoked. Lots of pictures were taken on my good camera.. unfortunately I haven’t been able to get them on my computer yet so here is two pictures from the hike.

Across from Wh2O looking at white queen.

One of the trucks belonging to the workers putting in the new lift, very classy stuff.

Should have internet at the house within the week and putting new blog posts up should be easier, I know I say that every time.. but at least when the season starts it will be true! Lots more going on then.


Music Festivals

Over this past weekend I attended a music festival called the Big Time Out. The festival is two nights long and loads of fun, however being a broke teenager I didn’t really want to go out and spend mad money on a ticket, so I Volunteered. Personally I’m not really down for sneaking in like so many other’s my age, because if the festivals don’t have the help they need and make enough money for tickets, lets face it, they wont be able to happen year after year.

Volunteering consisted of this, having something to do during the early day hours when its to hot out to do anything fun anyways. I was on the volunteer security crew, so I got a sweet yellow shirt that states my mad authority, and free food for telling people they can’t go backstage. So that’s how my days went, nights involved a lot more dancing and music listening, wondering and little sleep.

For the music..

Going to the festival I hadn’t heard of many of the bands, but I enjoyed most of the ones I actually got to get a good earful of. Starting with some of the ones I had never heard of before..

Vitaminsforyou- This band played early in the evening and really got me and my friends hyper for the rest of the night, a few youtube videos is all I have listened to since seeing them live, but they put on a very energetic show and I’d be thrilled to see them again. So here is one of their only youtube videos I could find that wasn’t live..

Hannah Georgas- I didn’t recall watching Hannah Georgas.. I believe I was walking around during her performance, but her name wrang a bell as being music I enjoyed at some point in time. Some friends had liked her show, and after looking her up on youtube I do in-fact enjoy it as well. So here is one of her songs.

The Acorn- These guys were playing well I was on shift sadly and I couldn’t go out and watch like I so badly wanted too. Some lovely people I was camping ran off to watch them right away, super stoked, they were big fans already. Here’s one of their lovely songs.

Kim Churchill- This young Australian artist is full of talent, he was the first to perform saturday and then again sunday. The first day he played I was really reminded of Shane Philip, and really stoked listening to his music. After I heard him again on sunday I had to go pick up his CD. I was unable to find a good youtube video of his music but here is a link to his website.


Shamik- This awesome guy is a very talented with his beatboxing skills, I’ve known him for about 4 years now and am stoked every summer that I get a chance to see him. He’s been touring like mad but still managed to make a sick new album that I am very stoked on, check the blog over this winter and you’ll be able to hear some of his tunes in what will hopefully be weekly or bi-weekly edits. Here is his website to check out!


Last stuff I got for you guys is K’naan, for some reason he came to little Denman Island back in 2006 so I’ve been lucky enough to have listened to his music (and skid to it too) for a long time now. His live show is so much fun, and he is a really chill, awesome guy.  (He had the coolest pair of hightops EVER! might just be saying that because I have no clue what brand they are, but I definitely give k’naan props for having such great taste in foot wear. So here is one of my favourite of his songs.

So that’s all I got from the festival, man they can be fun. Hope everyone had amazing summers, mines more less almost done, school in two weeks! holy moly.



3 states, 1 province, 21 hours.

The title is how long my friend and I took to drive home from San Francisco yesterday. Holy shit next time I go that way I think ill fly, that was a long time in a car.

So that’s why I haven’t posted in a while, computer access wasn’t that great well I was in San Francisco  and I wasn’t sure if there was anything worth posting about. Who knows if anyone wants to hear about my trip now, but here goes anyways.

Me and a buddy from school named Ian took off driving down to San Francisco early this month, stopping in the small town of Jacksonville Oregon for a few days. This area is very nice I loved it, super relaxing and a nice vibe in the town. Another sick town is about 14 miles away (I think 14..) called Ashland, I’m hopefully going to be able to visit a friend in this town this season and hit up Mt.Ashland too, really looking forward to it.

beautiful lake by Jacksonville

this was in Lithia park, in the sick town of Ashland

I really enjoyed Oregon, if you want to travel in the USA it’s a place id suggest going, although I haven’t really seen much of the country, I’m sure there are dozens of other amazing places to go as well.

After spending some time there Ian and I took off again for San Francisco, if you’re the type of summer person that likes crazy heat, sun bathing on the beach every day, and tans, it’s not the summer location id suggest to you. Almost every day I was in a thick hoodie and tuque, craziness. Went across the bay to some other areas however and they were back to normal crazy hot summer weather. One thing that there is a lot of around San Francisco is surfing, I only made it out once but it was so much fun!! Fingers crossed I’ll be able to go again in Tofino before the summer ends but we shall see. Here are some scenic pictures of the San Francisco area.

night-time city lights

Blur of a friend in front of the Bay Bridge

Castro! deff saw a naked man walking around moments before taking this

Forget what park I was at, but lots of places have nice views of the city

China town! everything was super packed and touristy lol, it was funny going from there to little Italy, that was all spread out and chill

Well I think the pictures are enough, it was a fun trip 🙂 however I did not get to sew, and it drove me nuts. Ordered some fabric before I left for home and it should be arriving soon, so stoked! I’ll have pictures up of the hoodies I make soon as they are all done.


Wrap-up Telus Fest 2010

As soon as I got home it seems I failed at getting the last blog post up,
guess that's what going back to the real world can do to you. Here it is tho.

The last few days were some what of a blur and had gone in the blink
of an eye. Thursday afternoon classified played in the village square,
one of the most popular of the free shows I saw, with the audience
area completely filling even before the hill was closed for the day.

On Friday I worked the grenade games superpipe competition, it was
cool to see how they ran that comp, and really feel the difference in
the atmosphere at the snowboard comp opposed to the skiers comp. Not
having a pipe at my home mountain it was also cool to see what both
the great skiers and snowboarders are throwing down.

Watching Classified for free in the sunshine

Got a bit of bad news from the team too, Zach has unfortunately
broken his leg in a crazy superman front flip accident resulting in
his body moving forward when his leg did not. The break was clean
and his recovery should be relatively fast, so he'll be good to go by
the start of next season thankfully. 

The PJS team might also be getting a bit bigger in the near future.
This can wait for another post tho. So until next time, hope everyone
is having an amazing spring.


Lost track of the days

Tuesday was the finals at the WSI superpipe competition. An amazing show was put on by all the riders on the cloudy day. After the mens finals went down a super hit competition happened, lots of doubles were thrown and plenty of people fell on their asses, over all an awesome show. Here is a picture of the injured Peter Olenick during his second run of the competition, he had landed wrong in practice and had decided to not compete, but that only lasted till the mens finals when he decided to go anyways. The guy threw some sick tricks but the injury might have been too much for him because at the end of both runs he fell. There is also a video of one of Colby west’s runs, the only competitor to make it back from Are.

Peter Olenick

Yesterday was my only day off to go riding. Of course that meant it was foggy and lightly raining out but it was a fun time none the less.

Today I had a very short shift, so it seemed like again I had the day off. In the afternoon classified played on the main stage in the village, an awesome show for sure. He is playing again tonight at Mojos, wish I could go however im out of luck haha. Now im going to play some drinking games, non-alcoholic of course.


Day Three

As it turns out I got a shift at the state of the art event on a good night, Sunday night was the premier of the mountain bike film Follow Me. Iv always thought people that mountain bike are slightly insane, it’s a sport iv been a wee bit to chicken to try. Watching Follow Me just confirmed how crazy they are, I don’t know how good the movie is in comparison to the norm, but I was blown away with some of the stuff they did.
My state of the art shift ended late, so I wondered back to creekside to hit the hay for me early shift at the superpipe qualifiers. The sun was out yesterday making it scorching hot out. I ended the day with a mad goggle burn and even a slight burn on my arms. Many of the invited athletes took advantage of the weather and got a bunch of training laps in like Peter Olenick, he unfortunately now has an injured knee and will not be competing today.
Colby West is now here for the comp, the only one that made it from Are as far as I understand. Training is just wrapping up for the finals now, weather is not nearly as nice as yesterday, slight rain earlier that has now died down but fog is still threatening to attack the pipe.
Time to get back to my shift, at the bottom is a run of someone from the pipe yesterday, not sure who I got.. Just put my camera up when I saw someone dropping near the end of the day.

– Danko