Check out the ESPN exclusive video of the Dubsatch boys in AK. If you read Zach’s update on the 8th he explains a bit of this trip. Looks like an amazing time!

Watch on ESPN here.


Dubsatch Collective in Alaska

PJS team rider Zach Halverson, along with other members from Dubsatch Collective, went into the backcountry around Zach’s home in Girdwood AK at the start of this season. Check out the edit exclusively on ESPN. Well worth the watch! See it here

The Dubsatch blog is also a very worthwhile place to check out!  to see what Zach and some other rad boys are up to.

The Powder Draft #10

Big shout out to Zach Halverson for making Powder Magazines top 20 skiers 18 years and younger! He came in a well deserved #10 and we are super stoked for the guy! Anyone who hasn’t gotten the issue should of course, and also keep an eye on this kid. Not only is he gonna be something big in the industry, but he’s always up to something awesome.

bit dark, but his page in the mag.

Zach Halverson in a chilean freestyle mag!

Check it out, read what there is to read if you know spanish, or just look at the pretty pictures of Zach and his friends.

Winter 2011 issue, for those who don’t know spanish the left button will let you view the magazine online, and the right one will let you download! click 7 times for a full-page picture of Zach and 8 for a half picture.

Eye of the Condor

Team member Zach Halverson has found himself in south America right now on an adventure that, for some, would be the trip of a lifetime, but for him it’s looking like just the beginning. Zach and a group of friends were recently involved in an event called Eye of the Condor, which included several video and photography competitions, one of the events being a 5 minute video taken during the time in La Parva, Chile. Zach and the rest of Team Dubsatch won the video competition with some awesome footage of not only just the hill, but the roof of a parking garage as well. Check it out!


One of the contests is still up for grabs, and you can vote here for who you think deserves the reader’s choice award.You can also view pictures and video entries from all of the teams, I may be a bit bias, but vote Team Dubsatch!

Who’s killin it this season?

Zach is!  And the PJS team would like to congratulate Zach for snagging the title at the Targhee competition which finished yesterday. The busy guys competition season isn’t over yet however, and we wish him the best of luck for the upcoming events at Kirkwood and Snowbird!

Blizzard sports also gave a shout out to Zach on their site, “Congratulations to Zach Halverson who wrapped up a new set of skis and boots and put himself in the running for a full product sponsorship with TecnicaBlizzard next season“, the kids had an awesome season, eh! Looking forward to seeing whats up in his future.

Rockin it with the sista in his PJS hoodie

Mason Goodchild Profile

I want to introduce my buddy Mason Goodchild. Way back during highschool life his family was kind enough to let me live with them for three months of the winter. (Yes I peaced from my highschool for a term to ski, No I didn’t get to ski every day I was there (still had to attend school in Golden), and yes my mom is such a ski bum she was totally down for me doing that. Love my mommy, and Masons family for letting me stay with them!)

So Mason is a sick skier, and if I had more time and resources he would totally be on the PJS team at this very moment. For now, a shout out will have to do. However, don’t be to surprised if you see more about Mason in the future on the blog.

Nickname: Mas? I like Rudager though.

Age- 19

Where are you from/living now?- My home will always be Golden, BC. Currently though, I am living In Calgary, AB for school.

How did you get into skiing?- Parents, grew up in Lake Louise, started skiing at the age of 2. Have always lived in a ski town. Kinda just grew on me.

Photo featured in Backcountry Magazine

What is your favourite memory from last season? – Roadtrip down to Nelson and Rossland with my buddy Lane.

Who is your favourite skier?- Pollard. I’ma going to marry him one day

What do you do when you’re not skiing?- School, Summer travels…

Where do you want to be in 5 years?- Travelling around the world working sports events in broadcasting.

Favourite place to ski?- Kicking Horse

favourite meal?- Stir Fry, cheap and easy to make

Favourite quote?- “All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be”

What’s on your ski play list for this season?- Classic, Folk and Glam Rock

Plans for this season?- Focus on school. Sadly not my season. Going to try and get more into park skiing

What can you not live without?- Family, Friends, Music, Skiing and The West Coast

Other sponsors?- Surface

goggle steeze to hard to handle