Hey guys, we’re still here!

Hello everyone!

First off I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU! To all of  you who have continued to check the blog, and also a big sorry for not keeping it updated! I’ve prepared a few posts that will be published throughout the next couple days, rather than jumble everything into one massive one… but pretty much, life has been hectic! I’ve been busy enjoying the sewing part of PJS much more than the blog updating part as of recent. However, that was during my time in Whistler, and as you will soon realize I’ve taken a hiatus from Whistler for the time being, and a spark has been lit once again to keep this awesome blog thriving.

First things first, the water-resistant hoodies! If you’ve been keeping up to date via the Facebook page or Instagram feed than you will surely already know that these suckers turned out TOTALLY AWESOME! I am so grateful to all of you who ordered from that first batch, showing faith in what was a bit of an experiment at the time. The fabric is very different from cotton, but it’s lots of fun to work with and is quite durable as well. I’ve got to give a shout out to the guys in the Furtune Freestyle Club; a bunch of the members Pat Boucher coaches were all down to order hoodies, thanks for the love guys!

Heres a look at how the Water Resistant hoodies turned out!Fabric ColoursIMG_3985photo2 photo1 IMG_4280IMG_4096photo6DennisMax Green IMG_3877

Buddy Davis, middle, rocking his half water resistant hoodie. (Bleached dyed front body is not the water resistant material.)

Good buddy Davis, middle, rocking his half water resistant hoodie at the 2013 Wrangle the Chute at Kicking-horse Mountain.

Front and back of the sweater is seen two photos above.


2013 Water Resistant Hoodies Now Available

With the winter season in full swing, and 2013 on calendars everywhere, PJS is coming close to the 5th anniversary of our first ever hoodie. We want to make this a special one, and give a big thank you to everyone who has supported us so far! So to get things rolling in 2013 we found some water-resistant fabric that we really want to start using, and we just need to know what designs you guys want made out of the new fabric. Same deal as always, hoodies are fully customizable, only you’ll have some set colours to pick from (check out the bottom of this post to see what you’ve got to work with.)

How the water-resistant hoodies are going to work:

  • Price $110.00 + shipping
  • Orders will be taken for one week, deposits of $60.00 will be required no later than Feb.8th to confirm orders.
  • Once your deposit has been paid final decisions can be discussed for the design of your hoodie, size will be confirmed, and sewing will begin.
  • Wait times: Hoodies should take roughly 2-6 weeks, put your order in quickly, because the hoodies will be finished in the same order we receive deposits!
  • Contact us on facebook or through e-mail at Purplejumpsuitapparel@gmail.com to place your order.

For those of you who commented on the facebook page, you most likely recall the post stating a perk for writing that comment. You guys get 25% off! This leaves your total at $82.50 + Shipping. For those of you that want to get on the discount train, be sure to follow us on facebook! Also, our classic cotton hoodies will still be available for order at any time for $90+ shipping.

Fabric Colours

Pictures are both of the same fabrics, Image on the left has a flash, on the right is natural light.


Its Back to School Sale Time!

I love school, and we have some extra products around that I’d love for you youngins to get at a discounted back to school rate on. So we’ve got 25% off all the stuff showen below! On top of that you’ll also receive free shipping on your next custom ordered tuque or hoodie within Canada and the USA.

Check out what we’ve got and decide quick! Sale ends Friday September 7th! 

E-mail PurplejumpsuitApparel@gmail.com To place an order.

Tuques and neck warmer marked down to $30. All made out of natural high quality fibers. 


$70 large hoodie sale price.

First ever PJS zip-up! On sale for $45. Medium regular length

Style Options

Hey everybody! Summer is here, college has finished, and I am finally focusing most of my time on Purplejumpsuit Apparel! Happy days. I just wanted to inform everyone that a new style of hoodie is available. A reglan sleeve, for those who don’t know this means the sleeve connects to the neck, rather than connecting at the shoulders to the main body pieces. Check below for some pictures! An acid wash style is also new! Which you can see below. Another fun option to spice up your wardrobe.



PJS Returns for fall

Well, hello everyone. Thank you to the people who have still been viewing the blog in hopes of something new, you guys got me really stoked! Unfortunately most of the summer I didn’t have much time for anything PJS related, and therefore nothing to post about… However, I am now back in Nelson to wrap up my final semester of school at Selkirk, and hopefully will be spending the majority of my free time sewing and crocheting! Not to mention it’s getting to that point where skiing is on my mind a great deal and everyone in my class keeps mentioning snow.

It’s an understatement to say I’m upset about my lack of focus towards PJS for the past three months, however I have been planning, and hoping, and planning ways to focus more time towards PJS this season. Part of being so busy this summer was getting myself enough money for the semester so I wont need to work during school. Hopefully I’ve succeeded in that, but I guess we’ll know for sure when the time is over. That being said, it means I really will have the spare time to sew, crochet, and sew some more.

I hadn’t been a complete slacker this summer, I even have some pictures of products! Orders done at the start of the summer to perhaps give ideas to others, and tuques for those who have as large of an obsession as I do.

Vest Design

Vest Design

Products Added!

Products are officially available now on the Purplejumpsuit Etsy page (located here)! One hoodie is up for viewing so far, and some tuques are going up soon. There is also a new product page on the blog, located at the top with all the Riders pages and the About page, and to the right with the About page to the right of all normal posts. If anyone is interested in some products but cannot order from etsy, no need to worry, you can email me at Danko_Skiing@hotmail.com and it can all be sorted out.

The blogs product page will be updated frequently along with the etsy page. Pictures and a short description will be put with every available item on the blog, and also on etsy.

It’s all getting more organized! this is exciting. I’m off for now,


Some PJS products, and a little edit to enjoy

I’ve gotten a ton of orders recently for hoodies (so stoked about it!) and just finished up another two in the past two days. This morning I got some pictures of the bunch I have in my house and I figure it would be a good idea to post them in the blog as well as on the facebook page.

In this post is also an edit, pat was messing around with some footage of the late season and had the idea to challenge a friend of his to a little contest, (to my knowledge Brett, his friend, was bored and enjoys editing)  he would send Brett all the clips and I would then post the winning edit in the blog, (winner decided by me). However first, here are some hoodies.

Front of hoodie #1

Back of hoodie # 1

Apparently Alaska likes  tie dye? Hoodie # 1 and #2 are both headed up there.

Front of # 2

Back of hoodie #2

The front of Matts hoodie!

The back of Matt’s hoodie

Pats hoodie! the first one with writing on it, Pat did the cursive, turned out really nice, turned it into some stickers as well.

Ill get a less blurry picture, but the front of Pats

The back of Pats

Rasta hoodie front

Back of the Rasta hoodie

This hoodie is Graeme’s, he wanted to have a hidden velcro pocket in it so I did my best! Think it turned out well if I do say so myself.

The front of Graemes hoodie

The velcro pocket on Graemes

So there is a product update, I think in the next one I’ll get some decent pictures of tuques to post.

Now here is the late season edit from Mt.Wash, pat was the winner of their little contest.

Is it really April?

So again I failed at posting a blog post soon after the last one, my apologies. I have a bit of advice for everyone, if you ever think of getting your wisdom teeth taken out but don’t actually need to, then DON’T GET THEM OUT! worst week and a half of my life, still dealing with a messed up jaw now.

I’ve heard its spring like weather in other places around North America, but I’ve seen no signs of spring here. We only have three weekends left at Mt.Washington and its been dumping like crazy still. Saturday we had about 25″  of fresh after Friday was a slightly scary storm with a traffic jam at the top of the hill for three hours and only one lift running on and off because of high winds. Sunday had similar weather, with two lifts running and thankfully no traffic jam. Must say I love the powder but I would really love to have a goggle tan right now!

Pat was MIA at mt.washington this weekend, he was up at Silverstar helping coaching for a freestyle comp there. I’m sure it was a lovely trip, and hopefully they had some nice weather!

Zach has still been traveling around doing a ton of comps. He was down at Targhee a little while ago where he got second in the first two runs, then first in the third, finishing second over all. Something to be very stoked about! The weekend after he was at another state comp in AK where he won again. Kids just kicking ass!

Now that the season is coming to an end, iv been thinking a lot about what PJS will be up to for the summer and what should be happening next season. I plan on making a handful of hoodies this summer in several different designs and many different colors, also the same for tuques! This should result in some lower prices for the already made stuff, and same prices for custom order  gear! I also recently got a bunch more dyes so more range of color in the tie dyes!

Here are some pictures of some more hoodies.

Tiedye & red

Red & Black

Mixing up the colors

Hope everyone’s season has been a blast, and if anyone is in whistler for Telus Fest maybe ill see you there!


Lets Talk Products

So you’ve met Pat, Martin and Matt, but I have failed to introduce myself, the creator of Purplejumpsuit apparel. My name is Annie Danko and im the one that makes all the PJS stuff. That being said, you probably don’t know what any of that  stuff looks like! So here are some of the latest PJS products.

This hoodie was just finished, it is the second PJS Tie Dye hoodie done.

Front of the tie dye hoodie.

Back of the hoodie above

A little while ago  a request for a zebra hoodie was put in, this is the happy customers after she got a hold of it.

she was stoked

So there is a little look at the PJS hoodies. They are a new product but people seem stoked on them! I’m also stoked to make them, a fun change from tuques. However tuques are still great to make, and iv had fun figuring out new designs all the time. Here is a look at some different styles.

most recent design

the ever popular Rasta stripes

some very thin stripes

some sag going on, with thicker stripes then above

PJS has plenty more tuque styles, and has made a few more hoodie styles, however its late and sleep is calling, so that is a look at some of the products.