Merry Christmas from PJS!

Whatever you end up doing tomorrow, we hope you have an amazing Christmas with family, friends, coworkers or powder on the mountain! All the best for 2014

-The PJS family


Hey guys, we’re still here!

Hello everyone!

First off I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU! To all of  you who have continued to check the blog, and also a big sorry for not keeping it updated! I’ve prepared a few posts that will be published throughout the next couple days, rather than jumble everything into one massive one… but pretty much, life has been hectic! I’ve been busy enjoying the sewing part of PJS much more than the blog updating part as of recent. However, that was during my time in Whistler, and as you will soon realize I’ve taken a hiatus from Whistler for the time being, and a spark has been lit once again to keep this awesome blog thriving.

First things first, the water-resistant hoodies! If you’ve been keeping up to date via the Facebook page or Instagram feed than you will surely already know that these suckers turned out TOTALLY AWESOME! I am so grateful to all of you who ordered from that first batch, showing faith in what was a bit of an experiment at the time. The fabric is very different from cotton, but it’s lots of fun to work with and is quite durable as well. I’ve got to give a shout out to the guys in the Furtune Freestyle Club; a bunch of the members Pat Boucher coaches were all down to order hoodies, thanks for the love guys!

Heres a look at how the Water Resistant hoodies turned out!Fabric ColoursIMG_3985photo2 photo1 IMG_4280IMG_4096photo6DennisMax Green IMG_3877

Buddy Davis, middle, rocking his half water resistant hoodie. (Bleached dyed front body is not the water resistant material.)

Good buddy Davis, middle, rocking his half water resistant hoodie at the 2013 Wrangle the Chute at Kicking-horse Mountain.

Front and back of the sweater is seen two photos above.

2013 Water Resistant Hoodies Now Available

With the winter season in full swing, and 2013 on calendars everywhere, PJS is coming close to the 5th anniversary of our first ever hoodie. We want to make this a special one, and give a big thank you to everyone who has supported us so far! So to get things rolling in 2013 we found some water-resistant fabric that we really want to start using, and we just need to know what designs you guys want made out of the new fabric. Same deal as always, hoodies are fully customizable, only you’ll have some set colours to pick from (check out the bottom of this post to see what you’ve got to work with.)

How the water-resistant hoodies are going to work:

  • Price $110.00 + shipping
  • Orders will be taken for one week, deposits of $60.00 will be required no later than Feb.8th to confirm orders.
  • Once your deposit has been paid final decisions can be discussed for the design of your hoodie, size will be confirmed, and sewing will begin.
  • Wait times: Hoodies should take roughly 2-6 weeks, put your order in quickly, because the hoodies will be finished in the same order we receive deposits!
  • Contact us on facebook or through e-mail at to place your order.

For those of you who commented on the facebook page, you most likely recall the post stating a perk for writing that comment. You guys get 25% off! This leaves your total at $82.50 + Shipping. For those of you that want to get on the discount train, be sure to follow us on facebook! Also, our classic cotton hoodies will still be available for order at any time for $90+ shipping.

Fabric Colours

Pictures are both of the same fabrics, Image on the left has a flash, on the right is natural light.


Pat Boucher Coaching Fun

An update on PJS team rider Pat Boucher: He’s been in the eastern lands of Canada spending lots of time coaching with the Camp Fortune Freestyle club. Always so awesome to see how much the freestyle world can push and inspire skiers from all over, and we’re stoked Pat’s a part of this! 

Fortune Team

Camp Fortune team on home turf doing their thing

So a little while ago the Fortune freestyle comp team headed down from Ottawa to Mt St Louis Moonstone for the Timber Tour slopestyle  and halfpipe event. The weekend was super successful for the first competition of the year attaining many podium finishes, in slope this included:

1st for Mitchel Clarke in M2 category

2nd place for Justin Mallory in M3

4th for Josh Skarjzenski-smith, M3

2nd for owen hawkins in slopestyle and third in pipe, M5

1st for Shondra Charboneau in both girls slope and pipe, F2

The team has been hanging out at fortune for the past few weeks, training in anticipation of this weekends big event; Canadian open at Mt st louis Moonstone resort.


Some of the team who get to enjoy Pat’s coaching, Kurtis, Devon, Josh and Matt, excited to see the results!


View of the pipe, comp day.

Zach Halverson Alyeska 2013 Bio


Photo by Nate Cahoon

Alyeska Resort athlete, Zach Halverson, grew up skiing Alyeska nearly every winter day.  His formal training was as a Mighty Mite skier, Junior team racer, and Freeride team member.  Mostly though, his “training” came in the form of freeskiing laps with friends, day after day.  He turned that feeling of freedom into competitive success on the Junior Freeskiing Tour (JFT), a series of Big Mountain skiing competitions held throughout North America.  In 2011, when Zach was 17, he won the overall tour title.  He is also a two-time event winner on the JFT, winning at Stevens Pass, Washington, and Kirkwood, California.  When he was 17, Powder Magazine ranked him the 10th best skier in the world under the age of 18.

Zach now shares his joy of skiing through films and photographs in national magazines. He was part of a team that won the prestigious Eye of the Condor film and photo contest in La Parva, Chile (  He also filmed two segments for ESPN, highlighting skiing in southcentral Alaska ( and  In a recent Powder magazine article showcasing Alyeska Resort, Zach had a spectacular, two page photo jumping off Lolo’s at sunset.  He still occasionally competes in Big Mountain competitions, in the adult league now.  He was 2nd place at the Red Bull “Wrangle the Chute” contest in Kicking Horse, British Columbia, 15th in the Freeskiing World Tour (FWT) event at the Argentine National championships, and 17th at the FWT event at the Chilean National championships.

Zach’s adventurous spirit extends beyond skiing too.  He has climbed Kilimanjaro in Africa, the Grand Teton in Wyoming, and numerous peaks in the Chugach mountains.  He is a four time age-group winner at the Mt Marathon race in Seward, AK.  He’s completed a three month adventure thru the Amazon Rainforest including a 30-day canoe trip in the Amazon basin, and a 28-day backpacking trek in the high cerrado of Brazil (look it up).  In the summer, he is a deckhand on a purse seiner in Prince William Sound.

Zach says, “The Chugach Mountains are a skiers paradise.  The lift served terrain at Alyeska is as good as most backcountry areas around the world.  Get out and ski it – snow, sleet, rain, or shine and you can ski anything and anywhere.”

Zach is sponsored by Alyeska Resort, Blizzard skis, Tecnica boots, Smith Optics, Soul Poles, and Purplejumpsuit Apparel.

Its Back to School Sale Time!

I love school, and we have some extra products around that I’d love for you youngins to get at a discounted back to school rate on. So we’ve got 25% off all the stuff showen below! On top of that you’ll also receive free shipping on your next custom ordered tuque or hoodie within Canada and the USA.

Check out what we’ve got and decide quick! Sale ends Friday September 7th! 

E-mail To place an order.

Tuques and neck warmer marked down to $30. All made out of natural high quality fibers. 


$70 large hoodie sale price.

First ever PJS zip-up! On sale for $45. Medium regular length

Whistler Crankworx 2012

Whistler during bike season, this is a time I actually feel very out-of-place while visiting this beautiful area! Finding my way here on monday the 13th, I had an afternoon to take in the bike atmosphere before starting my volunteer shifts on Tuesday. From my past experiences, Whistler loves to have stuff in the village during events like this. I’m not sure what mountain bikers think of this style of biking, but two guys that are into trials biking had a show going every afternoon and personally I found it very entertaining. The amount of core strength these guys must have to balance like they do, wish my balance was even close! Check out videos of this stuff on the link below. I’m sure you’ll have to after the confusing jumble I just wrote.

After my Tuesday shift came and went filled with office help, I spent the evening in the Olympic Plaza watching the GoPro Dirt Diaries competition, and it was awesome! Biking is incredible to watch, and I was blown away by some of the entries. One of the competitors was 15 or 16 years old.. that’s incredible! Wish I was able to come up with a film half as good as any of the entries. Not the biggest fan of writing in this post though, so here is the winner’s edit. Enjoy!

30 Days Dirt Diaries

Wednesday didn’t bring much change from the day before, I don’t bike and my shift was indoors so all my time was spent in the village area. However again this evening there was a show, a photography slide show competition this time, and again it was pretty damn awesome! Reuben Krabbe took home first place, I’m not sure where I can find his slide show but if anyones able to I say do it!! Or any of the entries, they were all incredible. If you want to see his work I’ve linked his website, also shoots skiing!

Thursday was a blast! My afternoon consisted of the regular office volunteer shift, which turned out to be ideal because it was INSANELY hot outside all day.  Once that was all said and done and the heat started to burn off it was time for the pump track competition! Finally I got to see a biking competition on my trip! It was an entertaining one too, loads of fun with some entertaining finals. Here are a couple of the pictures I got, nothing to amazing, yay for iphones!

Next came friday… This was the day when most normal people were coming to Crankworx, or at least not leaving like I was. Thankfully it wasn’t to early though! And I had an outdoor shift for my last day volunteering, that was rad. I got to help out during the time trials of the duel slalom which was awesome to watch, (I was monitoring the turn with the most crashes, bonus for me! Not so much for the athletes.) As it just so happened when my volunteer shift ended the training and qualifiers for the slopestyle began, that was an awesome event to watch! I had meant to write this up the next day while watching the live feed of the finals on Pinkbike, but my eyes were glued to the competition! Here’s a picture I got.

Sorry it’s not the most entertaining blog post! Wish I had been a bit closer to the action and knew biking better, however my midweek trip to experience Crankworx has me even more determined to try the sport now! (Fingers are crossed for October!) And I was thinking… Perhaps PJS Should make some summer style clothing based around biking athletes? If you think so let me know

I’ll leave you with one last picture…

My amazing view of the sunset traveling home

Matt MacCallum 11/12 Season Update

Not going to lie, this is one of the first times I’ve actually sat down and relived my past season in such great depth.  Anyways, had quite the season this year, it didn’t start off quite the way it should have though; lost a good friend, Will Schooler, in the pre-season from an unfortunate crash during an urban session. His local hill put on a day for people to come and shred for him which got a lot of attention. I don’t think I have ever seen a temp. park that busy before, the line-ups were packed and even CTV stop by for a visit. It was great to see all the support for one of the coolest, most real individual that I have ever had the pleasure of calling my friend, and I know many others feel the same. Will was one of a kind and will always be remembered by family and friends. Miss ya dude.

Thanks for the safe season bud.

After living in BC for the first time ever last season, and getting to experience all that deep Kootenay pow, I was pretty stoked to get back home and shred park. The first two months went by and after having to put up with COP’s fantastic park crew (same three features from oct31-dec31), and the copious amounts of snow the Rockies get at the beginning of the season (50cms from oct31-dec31), I began to miss BC quite a bit. It wasn’t until the middle of January that I was able to convince some buddies to finally go out to Revelstoke, it was my first time getting to shred there and I would have to say, on a sick pow day that place would be unreal. With the seeming good fortune I have, we missed the snow by only two days and almost everywhere was skied out. That’s the good thing though about going somewhere you have never been is you get lost and come across some pretty sweet stuff. Sadly, the only shot I got of that entire trip was of this magnificent bear (statue) that stands guard in town. I thought it was boss.

After Revy, I had to pack up and go to work for two months which was not part of the plan, but such is life. The best part too was that as soon as I left it started to snow, and it snowed lots.

Paying off debt feels almost as good as shredding tits deep though so I bit the bullet and just had to keep on keepin’ on. I did however get the chance to go to Kicking Horse in between jobs which ended up being one of the highlights of my season. I actually lucked out for once and got to ski K-Ho on a sick pow day, now that I think about it, that was really the only sick pow day I had this year….I have to say, Kicking Horse almost beat out Whitewater for favourite hill that day.

Bears er’where

Didn’t have the chance to do any comps this year, it’s difficult to plan for competitions when you have a hard time predicting your own schedule in the first place. I did hope to make it to a few but, two months of being in the bush limits your options. I did get in my first ever car accident this year as well, which I had to pay for, in full, sadly limiting a lot more options of going places.

Not going lie, it was kind of cool hanging upside down in a car. Seatbelts save lives, kids.

Now it’s summer, May long weekend brought the last of the season with slush cup at Sunshine Resort enticing the copious amounts of drunk party people at the base to jam out to BC/DC and soak up the last of those nice  mountain UV’s.  I’m working on putting an edit together, actually got some shots this year which is kind of rare. All the shots from BC were way too good and could not be used for this edit…so unfortunately no gnarly pillow lines or that 150ft cliff I did…just a bunch of funny shots of me eating shit but and just having fun.