Products Added!

Products are officially available now on the Purplejumpsuit Etsy page (located here)!Β One hoodie is up for viewing so far, and some tuques are going up soon. There is also a new product page on the blog, located at the top with all the Riders pages and the About page, and to the right with the About page to the right of all normal posts. If anyone is interested in some products but cannot order from etsy, no need to worry, you can email me at and it can all be sorted out.

The blogs product page will be updated frequently along with the etsy page. Pictures and a short description will be put with every available item on the blog, and also on etsy.

It’s all getting more organized! this is exciting. I’m off for now,



Blog Changes

I’m sure anyone that has been on the blog recently has noticed that I’ve been changing it up a lot, sorry if there has been any confusion! WordPress does a really awesome job of fitting youtube videos, but not so much with Vimeo, (if anyone knows if/how I can make all my vimeo edits fit all the themes, and could tell me, id greatly appreciate it!) Having an inch of the edit cut off with most themes wasn’t to appealing to me, and options were limited to the themes that did fit the full edits, so it took me a while to finally pick one. The blog should be staying the same now, this one seems good and the edits seem to fit decently.

Hope everyone likes the new layout!