Catching up with Orea

Recently I spoke with Orea, we had a little impromptu interview so everyone can get to know one of the newest members of the PJS family a little bit better. see what she has going on, how she spends her days and what’s planned for this winter. 


PJS A: Hey Orea! So all of BC has had a pretty late start to the winter season, but you’ve been up at Baldface Lodge since late november, and how is that treating you up there?

O B-D: Really Good, it definitely has been a late season! I’ve only got a  couple days in at Whitewater [Nelson BC], but being up at Baldface helps, I can get up to the ridge on my breaks and tour, plus we have plans of building a little booter out front so its been good and we just had a massive storm so now the seasons really begun!

what is it that you do at Baldface?

I’m a house keeper, but I help out wherever I can, because its like a family of staff up here. So, housekeeping, keeping the lodge tidy, setting tables, helping with dinner service & drinks, shovelling when I have a chance. There’s always shovelling haha. But mostly cleaning.

So you make it out a decent amount up there to go touring?

Yeah the girls and I try to go out every afternoon but sometimes all you want to do is take a break and watch a ski movie after your shift. We usually get out 4 or 5 times during the week.

That’s pretty sweet, a decent amount on your touring setup! and otherwise when you’re not at the lodge you’re at Whitewater, correct?

Yes, right now I don’t have a house so I have a lot of freedom, I’ve been going over to Red Mountain a lot and I plan to go do a lot of touring in Sandon this year as well. but whitewater is definitely my home base.

Where about’s is Sandon?

Sandon is just outside of New Denver, my home town. so its pretty cool, get a lot of sled skiing up there.

It is a pretty awesome landscape up there.

you’re not just a good skier, but also quite artsy, and I know in the summertime you were doing a lot of artwork. do you have many idea’s for projects while you’re up at the lodge?

Skiing and work has kept me busy so I don’t have a canvas started right now, but watching the sun rise from the Baldface lodge this morning inspired me to actually take a canvas outside and paint my daily view for everyone to see. So that’s on the go. and just wanting to do a lot of like charcoal illustrations, I  want to get back into pencil and charcoal. so, see where that goes. 

PJS has teamed up with a girl out of Victoria named Kim, she has some pretty awesome artwork we are gonna be putting on the hoodies. Do you think you’ll be inspired to add something of your own for a signature hoodie soon? 

Yeah absolutely. I really want to, like I said, start doing more pencil and illustrating. so we’ll throw some colour in there and start screen printing, it will be really fun. It’s definitely a project I want to get into.

You spent this summer in Spain! And we hung out in Portugal there for a little bit, that was a pretty fun time. Do you plan to travel more? Has that inspired you? Perhaps for any ski plans.

Yeah being in Spain has definitely inspired me. I was there for 7 months, and that two weeks spent in Portugal was pretty adventurous as well. I would like to go somewhere that’s a spanish speaking country again, just to build on what I learned while I was in Spain. But right now I have a dilemma of choosing a destination for next fall! I’m going to do a pre season ski trip, dedicated just to ski. and I don’t know my destination just yet.

Fare enough, There is a lot out there! How about competition season? Sounds like you have a lot on the go for that this year.

Yeah, comps are getting me really stoked right now; that’s kind of my main focus, I have five lined up right now. One in two weeks, just got the confirmation for a start list down in Crystal [freeride world qualifier]. So that will be beginning of february and then its kind of full on from there. one on my 21st birthday on the 21st of feb. one will be here at whitewater. In march I’m going to head over to Lake Louise and then Wrangle the Chute for my favourite comp at Kickinghorse. And then to finish it off  I’m gonna go down to Montana, to Big Sky for another freeride world qualifier.

That is pretty awesome, and very jam-packed!

Very jam-packed, and hopefully they’ll all be wins haha.

Check back on the blog to stay up to date as Orea’s season unfolds. Wishing her all the best for the coming comps! 

For more information about Baldface lodge check out their website




Kootenay Coldsmoke 2011

Whitewater was host to the epic coldsmoke event that happened this past weekend. Each year the event seems to be getting more and more well deserved attention, and whitewater seems to be doing a great job with keeping everything organized for all the fun stuff.  I was a volunteer for yesterdays slopestyle event, (basically a big mountain competition, set up for each rider to get one or two big hits) and I learnt just how hard kootenay locals can throw down.  People were sending 50 ft drops like it was nothing, many including a backflip as well. Although a lot of  the young hotshots lots skis in the process or at least tumbled once or twice, it was still an epic site to be had. I had planned to try and take some pictures from the top, but with all the rushing around, and the freezing cold, (nearly got frost bite standing up top for the 4.5 hours), I wasn’t able to snag any. I suggest anyone interested in the big mountain scene, touring scene, kootenay scene, winter events or just anyone wanting to know whats worth checking out next winter, take a look at their site and put it on your calendar!

The event has so much more going on then just the slopestyle, which is presented by Nelsons Valhalla Pure Outfitters, it has an awesome balloon sale going on at the retail shop, workshops going from beginner lessons to well.. anything.. A bunch of demo tents to try out lots of different gear, and other fun competitions like a poker run, a bank slalom, and a touring competition up and down both sides of the hill, weaving in and out of bounds taking about 3 hours.

For those interested, here is a link to the event! Coldsmoke event at Whitewater

Sorry if this post is a bit jumbled and hard to read, I have a million things running through my head right now with school and plans for the summer!