Tuques for sale now on etsy

Some tuques are now available on etsy! One of the originals (purple and black) has already been sold, but the colors are still available and can be made when ordered.

Check out the products page for pictures of each and links to their etsy pages, or if etsy doesn’t work email for another way to purchase,

Here is a picture of one of the available tuques.

PJS tuques


Products Added!

Products are officially available now on the Purplejumpsuit Etsy page (located here)! One hoodie is up for viewing so far, and some tuques are going up soon. There is also a new product page on the blog, located at the top with all the Riders pages and the About page, and to the right with the About page to the right of all normal posts. If anyone is interested in some products but cannot order from etsy, no need to worry, you can email me at and it can all be sorted out.

The blogs product page will be updated frequently along with the etsy page. Pictures and a short description will be put with every available item on the blog, and also on etsy.

It’s all getting more organized! this is exciting. I’m off for now,