Logan Imlach

Logan Imlach laps through Timberline

Filmer Michael Blatt did some laps with Logan recently at Timberlines park, enjoy!

And if you want to stay more up to date on the life of Logan be sure to check out his blog!



What has logan Imlach been up to?

having the A.D.D. that I have, i always feel like I’m having a slow season. but looking back now, I’d say that this year I’ve been pretty productive so far. before a single shot was logged, I got this, which was definitely my biggest goal for the season.

shortly after (meaning 1 day), Freedle Coty and Will Wesson showed up on my doorstep to film some handrails on my home turf of south central Alaska. after a couple of weeks of logging shots, and a separated shoulder, they were on their way.

then after a few weeks of shooting up here in anchorage with our local crew, I found myself traveling on my first jib trip out of Alaska. I headed to Edmonton with Kyle Decker, Ahmet Dadali, and Mike Hornbeck for a week of shooting in sub-zero temps. After taking the worst fall of my life on the first day, I managed to squeak out of there with some good shots, and surprisingly no frost bite.

upon arriving home, the avalanche conditions in our vicinity went to shit, and anchorage was pounded with a few days of rain. some more work, not a ton of skiing, and i was hopping on a plane again. this time to meet up with Will again, on his home turf in upstate new york. I made a short edit of my trip there:

after a week of that, I’m now back at home shooting and working, once again. the snow conditions are getting more and more stable, so hopefully I’ll be able to go out and get some pow soon!