The Philosofist- What Matt Fry has been up to.

So over this past season I know we haven’t heard too much about Matt Fry, well he’s been at school and that’s a large reason why. He’s also been doing some other stuff, one thing being music. The Philosofist (that’s matt) now has a mix tape out for all the lovely people of the world to enjoy, and you can listen to it here!

Enjoy the tunes everybody, and I hope you’ve all been enjoying some sun!


Mason Goodchild Profile

I want to introduce my buddy Mason Goodchild. Way back during highschool life his family was kind enough to let me live with them for three months of the winter. (Yes I peaced from my highschool for a term to ski, No I didn’t get to ski every day I was there (still had to attend school in Golden), and yes my mom is such a ski bum she was totally down for me doing that. Love my mommy, and Masons family for letting me stay with them!)

So Mason is a sick skier, and if I had more time and resources he would totally be on the PJS team at this very moment. For now, a shout out will have to do. However, don’t be to surprised if you see more about Mason in the future on the blog.

Nickname: Mas? I like Rudager though.

Age- 19

Where are you from/living now?- My home will always be Golden, BC. Currently though, I am living In Calgary, AB for school.

How did you get into skiing?- Parents, grew up in Lake Louise, started skiing at the age of 2. Have always lived in a ski town. Kinda just grew on me.

Photo featured in Backcountry Magazine

What is your favourite memory from last season? – Roadtrip down to Nelson and Rossland with my buddy Lane.

Who is your favourite skier?- Pollard. I’ma going to marry him one day

What do you do when you’re not skiing?- School, Summer travels…

Where do you want to be in 5 years?- Travelling around the world working sports events in broadcasting.

Favourite place to ski?- Kicking Horse

favourite meal?- Stir Fry, cheap and easy to make

Favourite quote?- “All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be”

What’s on your ski play list for this season?- Classic, Folk and Glam Rock

Plans for this season?- Focus on school. Sadly not my season. Going to try and get more into park skiing

What can you not live without?- Family, Friends, Music, Skiing and The West Coast

Other sponsors?- Surface

goggle steeze to hard to handle

New album by Mother Mother- Eureka, out March 15th 2011

Mother Mother is a band I think everyone should give a little listen too. They have been one of my favourite bands since I first heard of them, and recently I became aware that they are releasing a new album very soon! Counting down the days now, because that is one I want my hands on right away.

So for you guys to get an earful I’m posting their single The Stand from Eureka, along with some of my favourite songs from their second and first albums. They can be loads of fun to have going while you ski. Each album has a slight different sound, so give ’em all a listen. The Stand has the classic Mother Mother style, but for some reference, it kind of reminds me of a mix between MGMT and Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head, (I’m not sure if that last reference will help many people but its the best I got..) One of the best parts of the Mother Mother sound is their lyrics, truly awesome. However I’ll leave it up to you to listen…

Lets start with Mother Mothers first album. Below is the artwork for Touch Up, along with the song of the same name, Touch Up.

2007 album Touch Up

One of my favourite songs by MM is called Wrecking Ball, and it is off their second album O My Heart. Below is the song, (no music video sadly), and the album artwork.

2008 album O My Heart

And lastly, here is the art for their album Eureka, and a video for The Stand, Mother Mother’s first single off the new album.

2011 album Eureka

The band is doing a little bit more touring right now, around a bunch of the USA but also around Vancouver Island, my home sweet home, if anyone reading this is from that neck of the woods then check them out! Upcoming shows in Naniamo and Campbell River.

Music + Skiing

Its most likely safe to say everyone who skis loves some good beats, to either ski along with or enjoy with their favourite ski flick/ edits. In one of the SROAM classes right now we are starting blogging, lucky me it just means I have more time to focus on this one! Getting credits for it too, score. One of my classmates is relatively new to skiing, but he’s always had a love for different music, attending festivals all over the place, (Europe mostly, he’s from Ireland, Rad!) So he’s making a blog about music, from my understanding, bringing more variety for us ski bums to experience.

Looking like an awesome blog so far, so if you’re interested in hearing what he has to say, or just getting some links to some new tunes, you should check it out here!