Eye of the Condor

Team member Zach Halverson has found himself in south America right now on an adventure that, for some, would be the trip of a lifetime, but for him it’s looking like just the beginning. Zach and a group of friends were recently involved in an event called Eye of the Condor, which included several video and photography competitions, one of the events being a 5 minute video taken during the time in La Parva, Chile. Zach and the rest of Team Dubsatch won the video competition with some awesome footage of not only just the hill, but the roof of a parking garage as well. Check it out!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/27350594]

One of the contests is still up for grabs, and you can vote here for who you think deserves the reader’s choice award.You can also view pictures and video entries from all of the teams, I may be a bit bias, but vote Team Dubsatch!


Zach’s season update #2

Having some fun at Kirkwood, CA

The last time we crossed paths I was heading out to North American Open in Kirkwood CA for stop number four. I ended up taking first in the comp, stoked! Also I hit the storm cycle there, they had over 200 inches in a week and I was there for the last five days of that week. BOOSH. Good times on good snow with good friends. That first place put me in first place overall for the season standing. I had about a two-week break from competition so I stopped in at home for a few days then flew out the Colorado for some soul shredding with Team Summit at A-Basin. After a week I drove over to Snowbird UT for stop number five, the final stop on the JFT. Again a storm cycle was moving in. Seems as though the snow is following me. I ended up falling on a front flip in finals but with my placing at the previous four stops it was enough to keep me in first for the overall! I also won the overall Freemountain Award! Had a very fun season and I can’t wait for next year!

Rockin first and showing off his PJS hoodie.

Matt MacCallum Edit

Whitewater’s season has officially came to an end, spring is in the air here in nelson, it’s a love hate time for many of us skiers. I’m personally looking forward to school wrapping up in two weeks, moving to a new area and having much more free time to work on hoodies. Also the fact that Sunshine has a much longer spring season and I may get a few more days on snow! (slightly torn about that however, as I am not a fan of what happened recently to so many of their old management.)

Also possibly going to Sunshine later this spring is Matt MacCallum, and even though his season is still not over he decided to put together a little 2010/2011 edit to enjoy the memories. Now here it is for your enjoyment.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/22201663]

Overdue Update

I got to talk to Zach about a week and a half ago, and lucky me he had a little update for the blog! Then, unfortunately, I got super sick and did nothing but sleep and feel horrible for about a week and a half! however Zach is incredibly rad and I was stoked to find out where he’s been, so I’m still passing on the news. My apologies for the lateness. -Danko


The seasons been great so far! Had so much fun and it’s not done yet!
I started the year at Alyeska Resort shredding the home hill for December and most of January. Then it was off to Jackson hole WY to meet up with my sis and some homies while she competed in the FWT qualifier. After that I hitched a ride with my pops to Alta UT to claim some pow turns and face shots. After a week and a half of filming and shooting it was time to start the comp season. First stop of JFT was at Crested Butte CO. It was a fun weekend and I ended up taking forth and my buddy tanner claimed third, yeah man! I had two weeks after that to kick it at home and ski some AK lines. During that time I took part in the North Face Vertical Challenge, which is a comp to see who can ski the most vertical feet in one day. I skied 55,000 ft but then I pinched a nerve in my leg and had to quit. My leg had paralysis for a few days but with a weeks rest it was good to go.

Stop two was at Crystal Mt. WA. A storm cycle moved thru that weekend so the venue was in prime condition. I got ninth day one but got third day two, which put me in fifth overall. Stoked! Third stop on JFT was Grand Targhee WY. Again I lucked out and a storm moved in a few days before but cleared up for the comp. I finished in second this time and won the Freemountain award. Right after the awards ended I hitched a ride with some friends to Alta again for some shredding. A huge cycle moved in and we got 18in first day and 26in second day! After that it brings me to right now. Tomorrow I leave for stop four of JFT in Kirkwood CA. A storm is rumbling in the Tahoe area so who knows, maybe I’ll run into some snow?

– Zach Halverson

Holiday Activities

Over the christmas break Matt MacCallum and I traveled to the Island for a few days at Mount Washington where we met up with Pat B and Martin E. We ran into some crazy amounts of powder and one day of sun, if I recall correctly it went something like this… 32 cm overnight, 32 cm overnight, 35 cm overnight, 60 cm overnight, 15 cm overnight… and finally some sun for our last day. After a good time on the island we headed to Alberta and hit up Canada Olympic Park for a few days, and one very unbearably cold day at Lake Louise.

I have for your visual stimulation, a short clip of Pat’s edges being mad at him, and some pictures from a small powder booter and a jump at COP.

Matt MacCallum at COP

Pat has some mad style!

Matt decided he didn’t want to show his face

Logan also got a new shot recently, wearing one of his PJS hoodies to top it off! (Matt is also wearing his hoodie in the pictures above, but its hidden under his jacket).

Logan rocking his hoodie for some urban.

That is all for now. Hope everyone is enjoying the season!