Pat boucher Photos

Pat Boucher sent a few pictures the blogs way, rocking his newest hoodie. Thanks man!


PJS Returns for fall

Well, hello everyone. Thank you to the people who have still been viewing the blog in hopes of something new, you guys got me really stoked! Unfortunately most of the summer I didn’t have much time for anything PJS related, and therefore nothing to post about… However, I am now back in Nelson to wrap up my final semester of school at Selkirk, and hopefully will be spending the majority of my free time sewing and crocheting! Not to mention it’s getting to that point where skiing is on my mind a great deal and everyone in my class keeps mentioning snow.

It’s an understatement to say I’m upset about my lack of focus towards PJS for the past three months, however I have been planning, and hoping, and planning ways to focus more time towards PJS this season. Part of being so busy this summer was getting myself enough money for the semester so I wont need to work during school. Hopefully I’ve succeeded in that, but I guess we’ll know for sure when the time is over. That being said, it means I really will have the spare time to sew, crochet, and sew some more.

I hadn’t been a complete slacker this summer, I even have some pictures of products! Orders done at the start of the summer to perhaps give ideas to others, and tuques for those who have as large of an obsession as I do.

Vest Design

Vest Design

Tuques for sale now on etsy

Some tuques are now available on etsy! One of the originals (purple and black) has already been sold, but the colors are still available and can be made when ordered.

Check out the products page for pictures of each and links to their etsy pages, or if etsy doesn’t work email for another way to purchase,

Here is a picture of one of the available tuques.

PJS tuques

Products Added!

Products are officially available now on the Purplejumpsuit Etsy page (located here)! One hoodie is up for viewing so far, and some tuques are going up soon. There is also a new product page on the blog, located at the top with all the Riders pages and the About page, and to the right with the About page to the right of all normal posts. If anyone is interested in some products but cannot order from etsy, no need to worry, you can email me at and it can all be sorted out.

The blogs product page will be updated frequently along with the etsy page. Pictures and a short description will be put with every available item on the blog, and also on etsy.

It’s all getting more organized! this is exciting. I’m off for now,


Some PJS products, and a little edit to enjoy

I’ve gotten a ton of orders recently for hoodies (so stoked about it!) and just finished up another two in the past two days. This morning I got some pictures of the bunch I have in my house and I figure it would be a good idea to post them in the blog as well as on the facebook page.

In this post is also an edit, pat was messing around with some footage of the late season and had the idea to challenge a friend of his to a little contest, (to my knowledge Brett, his friend, was bored and enjoys editing)  he would send Brett all the clips and I would then post the winning edit in the blog, (winner decided by me). However first, here are some hoodies.

Front of hoodie #1

Back of hoodie # 1

Apparently Alaska likes  tie dye? Hoodie # 1 and #2 are both headed up there.

Front of # 2

Back of hoodie #2

The front of Matts hoodie!

The back of Matt’s hoodie

Pats hoodie! the first one with writing on it, Pat did the cursive, turned out really nice, turned it into some stickers as well.

Ill get a less blurry picture, but the front of Pats

The back of Pats

Rasta hoodie front

Back of the Rasta hoodie

This hoodie is Graeme’s, he wanted to have a hidden velcro pocket in it so I did my best! Think it turned out well if I do say so myself.

The front of Graemes hoodie

The velcro pocket on Graemes

So there is a product update, I think in the next one I’ll get some decent pictures of tuques to post.

Now here is the late season edit from Mt.Wash, pat was the winner of their little contest.