Evolution, What’s in a Name

For those of you that don’t know, here’s the deal. Purplejumpsuit Apparel has been going through a transformation, and on the outside the largest part of that will be our name, Introducing the new and ever improving, Wayward Kin Apparel! The same rad, fully customizable hoodies and hand crocheted gear you’re used to, with a larger focus on locally sourced materials, diminishing our own waste output and giving back to the environment we love and rely on so much.


Everything will continue being handmade by myself, and you’ll see the same riffraff family of athletes rocking the gear, so don’t be fretting. The blog will likely be restarted in a new platform, but we’ll keep this guy kicking around for archive’s sake as well. Thank you to all our old customers, and the new ones to come, you guys are awesome and we are so excited for the new things ahead!

Cheers from all of us,



Hey guys, we’re still here!

Hello everyone!

First off I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU! To all of  you who have continued to check the blog, and also a big sorry for not keeping it updated! I’ve prepared a few posts that will be published throughout the next couple days, rather than jumble everything into one massive one… but pretty much, life has been hectic! I’ve been busy enjoying the sewing part of PJS much more than the blog updating part as of recent. However, that was during my time in Whistler, and as you will soon realize I’ve taken a hiatus from Whistler for the time being, and a spark has been lit once again to keep this awesome blog thriving.

First things first, the water-resistant hoodies! If you’ve been keeping up to date via the Facebook page or Instagram feed than you will surely already know that these suckers turned out TOTALLY AWESOME! I am so grateful to all of you who ordered from that first batch, showing faith in what was a bit of an experiment at the time. The fabric is very different from cotton, but it’s lots of fun to work with and is quite durable as well. I’ve got to give a shout out to the guys in the Furtune Freestyle Club; a bunch of the members Pat Boucher coaches were all down to order hoodies, thanks for the love guys!

Heres a look at how the Water Resistant hoodies turned out!Fabric ColoursIMG_3985photo2 photo1 IMG_4280IMG_4096photo6DennisMax Green IMG_3877

Buddy Davis, middle, rocking his half water resistant hoodie. (Bleached dyed front body is not the water resistant material.)

Good buddy Davis, middle, rocking his half water resistant hoodie at the 2013 Wrangle the Chute at Kicking-horse Mountain.

Front and back of the sweater is seen two photos above.