Back on the front lines

It seems this past fall and current winter tuques and headbands have been a hot item around the Nelson area. Orders have been  high and I’ve been stoked to say the least! Its been awesome working on headbands again, as once I started making hoodies they fell to the wayside for sure.

Not only have the crochet pieces been popular with the Selkirk College students, but local shop Valhalla Pure Outfitter have also bought a bunch for their store. This is the first shop PJS has been in, and its super exciting! Being the super stoked person I am, just had to go snag a picture of the tuques in store once they were tagged up, also thought I’d post up some pictures of some Nelson crew rocking their PJS! Enjoy.

One of the PJS Tuques for sale at Nelson’s Valhalla Pure!

First year SROAMies, Alex and Sam.

Room full of PJS, 4 Selkirk students rocking two headbands and two tuques.

Some tuques before they went north for Zach in AK.

That’s my update on tuques boys and girls!



Tuques for sale now on etsy

Some tuques are now available on etsy! One of the originals (purple and black) has already been sold, but the colors are still available and can be made when ordered.

Check out the products page for pictures of each and links to their etsy pages, or if etsy doesn’t work email for another way to purchase, Danko_Skiing@hotmail.com

Here is a picture of one of the available tuques.

PJS tuques