Wayward Kin

Evolution, What’s in a Name

For those of you that don’t know, here’s the deal. Purplejumpsuit Apparel has been going through a transformation, and on the outside the largest part of that will be our name, Introducing the new and ever improving, Wayward Kin Apparel! The same rad, fully customizable hoodies and hand crocheted gear you’re used to, with a larger focus on locally sourced materials, diminishing our own waste output and giving back to the environment we love and rely on so much.


Everything will continue being handmade by myself, and you’ll see the same riffraff family of athletes rocking the gear, so don’t be fretting. The blog will likely be restarted in a new platform, but we’ll keep this guy kicking around for archive’s sake as well. Thank you to all our old customers, and the new ones to come, you guys are awesome and we are so excited for the new things ahead!

Cheers from all of us,