Whistler Crankworx 2012

Whistler during bike season, this is a time I actually feel very out-of-place while visiting this beautiful area! Finding my way here on monday the 13th, I had an afternoon to take in the bike atmosphere before starting my volunteer shifts on Tuesday. From my past experiences, Whistler loves to have stuff in the village during events like this. I’m not sure what mountain bikers think of this style of biking, but two guys that are into trials biking had a show going every afternoon and personally I found it very entertaining. The amount of core strength these guys must have to balance like they do, wish my balance was even close! Check out videos of this stuff on the link below. I’m sure you’ll have to after the confusing jumble I just wrote.


After my Tuesday shift came and went filled with office help, I spent the evening in the Olympic Plaza watching the GoPro Dirt Diaries competition, and it was awesome! Biking is incredible to watch, and I was blown away by some of the entries. One of the competitors was 15 or 16 years old.. that’s incredible! Wish I was able to come up with a film half as good as any of the entries. Not the biggest fan of writing in this post though, so here is the winner’s edit. Enjoy!

30 Days Dirt Diaries

Wednesday didn’t bring much change from the day before, I don’t bike and my shift was indoors so all my time was spent in the village area. However again this evening there was a show, a photography slide show competition this time, and again it was pretty damn awesome! Reuben Krabbe took home first place, I’m not sure where I can find his slide show but if anyones able to I say do it!! Or any of the entries, they were all incredible. If you want to see his work I’ve linked his website, also shoots skiing!


Thursday was a blast! My afternoon consisted of the regular office volunteer shift, which turned out to be ideal because it was INSANELY hot outside all day.  Once that was all said and done and the heat started to burn off it was time for the pump track competition! Finally I got to see a biking competition on my trip! It was an entertaining one too, loads of fun with some entertaining finals. Here are a couple of the pictures I got, nothing to amazing, yay for iphones!

Next came friday… This was the day when most normal people were coming to Crankworx, or at least not leaving like I was. Thankfully it wasn’t to early though! And I had an outdoor shift for my last day volunteering, that was rad. I got to help out during the time trials of the duel slalom which was awesome to watch, (I was monitoring the turn with the most crashes, bonus for me! Not so much for the athletes.) As it just so happened when my volunteer shift ended the training and qualifiers for the slopestyle began, that was an awesome event to watch! I had meant to write this up the next day while watching the live feed of the finals on Pinkbike, but my eyes were glued to the competition! Here’s a picture I got.

Sorry it’s not the most entertaining blog post! Wish I had been a bit closer to the action and knew biking better, however my midweek trip to experience Crankworx has me even more determined to try the sport now! (Fingers are crossed for October!) And I was thinking… Perhaps PJS Should make some summer style clothing based around biking athletes? If you think so let me know purplejumpsuitapparel@gmail.com

I’ll leave you with one last picture…

My amazing view of the sunset traveling home

Feelin’ the stoke, bring on season 2011/2012!

Patrolling Outer Wilderness Ski peeps have put together a little edit that made me smile and really made me want to be ridin’ the whistler park.. hopefully does the same for you! Enjoy!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/29822350]